Thursday, March 21, 2019

My Past Life During Renaissance and Karmic (Past Life) Blocks
Lori: Did I live during the time of the Renaissance? What was I doing?

Hilarion: There was acquaintanceship with some of the people who were involved in the arts, the awareness of some of these things in Italy, journeying to France; being aware of this in different ways in several lifetimes. In one of these, in Italy, you had an opportunity to be around others who were interested in the spoken word. In sharing some of the writings of da Vinci and others at the time there was a time of inspiration, of sharing but also of great argument. There was much difficulty in seeing what was unfolding. The Renaissance was a time in which new ideas were being promoted by the guides and helpers.

For you, a great deal of this came through in your dream life and the awareness of some of this was not clear to you. You would take actions in the world and then remember a dream; a piece of it and be inspired by this. You had opportunity to share with others, to speak of such things. But, at the same time you presented a few blocks to this and immediately after that life you created several energetic blocks for the purpose that you are going to recall this gradually. But, you constructed this because of the arguing. There were others who were right and you were wrong. The result of this was that you saw that if you focused on the spoken words themselves you would miss the point.

So, you asked for help on this. Evolutionary orientors and other beings at higher dimensions had worked with this many times. So, they explained to you how to construct the various blocks necessary. The intent was to filter so that the feeling of this; the idea that there were many things that could be turned upside down; the church; institutions of learning; awareness of how things were done in the world; superstition. All of these things could be flipped upside down, rejected. But, the fear associated with this needed to be filtered because your life could end if those in positions of power discovered your radical thinking on something for instance.

The result of this was you placed these as emotional filters so that the learning about Renaissance or connecting to Renaissance artists or other speakers might still be available to you. But, it would be the feeling sense of it more than the specifics. That would seem to explain some of this that you will therefore not have to go down those routes.

What is difficult to understand about this time period is that which actually applies to all time periods. That is to look at that which is a permanent legacy versus that which disappeared. So, for instance in the understanding of Latin, you have the pronunciation which has now completely disappeared. You have that which was written, which was on stone, or papyrus or in some cases paper. That has persisted and this has been a tremendous inspiration and acknowledgment to scholars worldwide. Yet, the pronunciation still escapes and that is the greater learning about this that the spoken word in Renaissance times was written about but the actual speaking; very little was ever taken down.

There was in fact quite a bit of this. A huge amount of it was burned or destroyed by the church. There were many who spoke of things that would only in today's language be called, “revolutionary.” Ideas that would upset and change the status quo not just to see things in a different light and draw them, that is what has persisted. But, instead the day to day living of what is important: of prioritization, of superstition; things that needed to be changed, needed to be swept away. To speak of such matters could result in imprisonment or jail or ostracization, or in an earlier time you would be branded perhaps even as a witch. But, as this began to evolve some of it began to filter its way through. You see this especially in the writings of any of the great artists, Michelangelo or da Vinci as examples. Does this help?

Lori: Yes. But, I'm a little confused about the blocks. Were they for my protection or did you say it was so I wouldn't engage in that behavior again?

Hilarion: Yes and yes. But, also what you learned is something else. You see, you have these blocks, all people do, except for the very few who have complete memory of their last sequence (past lives) without any gaps about all of the memory and all of the intermissive periods (time between lifetimes) and indeed that is clearly a rare exception. The guides and helpers are experts at creating such blocks. They do so at various levels for various reasons.

But, you specifically requested this not just for the usual reasons but also for the idea that you would be inspired, there would be something uplifting, interesting; something that would inspire you perhaps to go beyond. But, it will come in such a way that you did not have to be constrained by the ideas, or the thoughts of the times but simply by the feeling.

This gave you the sense that something new could birth within you; that some beautiful, powerful new idea might take form or take shape. This was perhaps one of the more beautiful things about Renaissance. But, to do so in a climate with far less fear brings in the protection part of it that you would therefore be inspired- but without the fear. That is not such an easy block to create, to say, ”I am going to let through certain emotions but not other emotions.” That is where your participation and assistance with this was part of it.

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