Sunday, June 12, 2016

Karma and Global Warming

Q. Can you please touch on the future of the earth and whether people are going to be able to organize themselves to work with global warming?

Hilarion: It’s a tough one. From our perspective because we can see what is happening in the laboratories, in the places not revealed to the public, it is all that much more difficult.

Plan A would be that, indeed people would “get it,” about holding the earth in reverence and doing those things that are most appropriate and not being so motivated by profit. Not working out so well, is it?

Plan B, that there is technology, already deployed on other planets that have already faced similar difficulties that has potential within it for danger that could be harmful if misused. But, that would indeed solve the problem. How simple it would be simply to crack carbon in its strong bond with oxygen. The carbon could be then as a simple powder made into carbon fiber for the construction of buildings, cars, bicycles as they already are and the oxygen to increase the oxygen on your planet. Yet, these technologies are just out of the public because of these dangers that a similar technology could also be used to provide weapons or harm one person over another or one country or even destruction of the earth itself if misused.

So in plan B is greater education, greater acceptance of these as important to love each other, to care for each other, to do things that are helpful and with penetrating insight and understanding shift those things that stand in the way of that. Apostasy, in Muslim faith, judgment in the Catholic faith, desire for revenge and so on and so on. As each of these can be shifted, the karma comes up as this can be the next phase and others understanding this will help dissolve this; possibility for plan B seems pretty good.

Plan C is planetary transmigration. This is where the earth is uninhabitable for many reasons and there are many potentials here. In ancient times it was due to impact as an asteroid came to make big changes here on the planet. But, whatever way this comes into form then you pick a new planet and you try all over again. Not the most desirous because it's a little slow. The potential humanity has in sharing something useful with the rest of the beings in the universe is great and it would be indeed a great loss to have this put forward many more thousands of years because of planetary transmigration.

That is the summary as we perceive it. Now, probabilities right now, plan B would seem most probable and plan C though that which could indeed show up, is as much as possible being avoided with as much energy, understanding and consciousness pouring into humanity at the current time along with extreme, rapid development and deployment of communication technology so that people will be able to clear, heal and know these things about themselves. They must do it themselves, it cannot be imposed from outside of course. We put it at about 60% probability of plan B about 20% plan A and the rest is for plan C.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Karma of Beethoven

Q. Could Hilarion comment on Ludwig Von Beethoven? What has he been doing since 1827? How important was his contribution to the development of western musical tradition?

Hilarion: This individual of course, has been very important; breaking with old traditions, bringing in new possibilities, but most importantly, connecting strongly at the emotional body level in a way that had not been done before and is continuing to be done even now.

Now some might think that this being has reincarnated as a musician but this is actually not the case.  Many times when a being goes through many levels of evolution, coming to a pinnacle, or a manifestation in which a very high and important energy has then been known to the soul, it has learned enough from that path. It starts then on a new path, on one investigating in this case, the opportunity for healing.

In this way, this individual has incarnated a few times, looking into areas of the human ear, working eventually in areas of the healing capacity of a physician, a doctor, and then manifesting as a little child now, who will grow eventually into a healer using hands on healing; using more esoteric and subtler methods.

This sequence of lifetimes, because of the tremendous power of this soul, will probably end with the manifestation of powerful healing energies that will have a profound effect on planet earth.  Be teachable, utilizable, and will of course be those which can connect easily with sound, music, and other areas, because that is the other thing that also happens.

As the soul moves through these levels of development, towards that pinnacle lifetime it inevitably connects with many other attributes.  Part of the whole idea of drawing in from the karmic level the aspect of losing one's hearing, particularly later in life, was at the positive level to concentrate on the inner music. But, also for the purpose of destroying much in the way of karma; getting rid of some of the aspects that were plaguing and difficult, burning them up so to speak.

This was specifically for Beethoven around the judgments that he made in a much earlier lifetime on other people that were spoken out loud, that were seen as very harmful and difficult and these could then be cleansed and cleared from his soul. Understanding these matters is important but when you understand them in an inner way you begin to see them in a little different way; how you are the one choosing these life patterns. How you can welcome and know these energies.

In many ways, the great shift in music to that which would encompass the emotional body might be very powerfully connecting many emotions in one musical piece is a tradition that has been carried on in more modern music. This however, seems to have been far less and less the case with what is termed classical music forms; those moving not so much into the emotional area, as to those experimenting with unusual patterns and new tonalities and new energies.

This has its place of course, but in the sense of Beethoven's soul, how it has continued to influence and work with the energies in music, this would seem more to be in modern music with that which would very strongly generate emotion. However, those energies of his soul that do not manifest in the physical, (generally about a tenth of you manifests at the physical level and the other ninety percent is available to assist on many levels). These energies continue now in a new area of music. Influencing the powerful ways in which emotion can be of a positive and helpful, uplifting nature through the words and the music simultaneously.

There are many names for this sort of music, positive music or new thought music and other names. This will emerge more as a genre in the future, and we can see Beethoven's influence here, not so much in the specific arenas, as to the specific words, and the specific tones, but the general influence that this would be a continuing awakening for humanity.