Saturday, November 25, 2017

What Do I Do When I'm Off Planet? Where is My Point of Origin?
Hilarion: You have worked through a variety of different locations, but you repeatedly have had all kinds of opportunities associated with Lyra, the Lyran system and opportunities to understand and work with beings that have come through there. In all of these you have had opportunities to understand and work with creative forces. Such creative forces were fascinating to you when you were out of the body in their pure energetic form.

You were never able to fully understand them, very few beings are. But, you were able to see them as connecting beams of light or silver or gold cords or a sense of energetic movement in one location and another. In this way you have found a way to work with these energies that touched your soul very deeply. A sense that such creativity could somehow be manifested was the next question.

How best to do this? As difficult as it might be, still, somehow earth seemed suitable. USA in particular. Opportunities to work with these energies and have a deeper affiliation with them enables you to change them and this was the thing you saw over and over. When you were non-physical, the ability to change and re-circulate the Lyran energies was not nearly as (this is difficult to say because it’s not a physical term) as strong, as clear, as persistent as it was when you or anyone else were in a physical body. When in a physical body, the alteration of the creative energies has an explosive force. Something that jumps from one consciousness to the other and this is not limited by any means to earth alone.

So you see this in the manifestation of every creative endeavor on earth, which has its ripple into the universe. Of course, if that which is being shared is too primitive or unimportant to a given civilization it is ignored. But, many of the issues of emotion, of significant shifts in consciousness, of a willingness to mature spiritually, these things do have their powerful resonating effects in the universe. It is this fascination as earth as a nexus, as a center of this which has drawn you here over and over when you have sought out the creative process. So really you have to see this in a dual way. That the non-physical Lyran energy is beautifully balanced with the earth energy.

Creativity has been a very important part of your life. Each of your guides have different areas to contribute in this arena. However, Derdeka and Kareena (spirit guides) seem to have special ability to allow you to bring through a creative source.

This is because you had an opportunity to study with them in an association with the sixth planet orbiting the star Vega. Vega’s ability to continue to impart different forms of creativity to many people on earth remains an important area to study.  Where you can locate Vega in the night sky, where you can tune into its energy, where you can receive different aspects of this. Then, you may find additional benefit and at the same time an attunement to the entire creative process that the guides help with.

This is an area that the ancients understand as what they called, "the muse." The ability of the guides, to bring through creative spark, different energies, etc. is very important. Never to be overlooked. Always a way in which an energy of a positive, helpful nature, combines with that which is purely fun, entertainment. Expressed for the sake of others. Bringing the opportunity for deeper awareness naturally. Sometimes this isn’t your own awareness. That is the purpose of this creativity, this expression, is to inspire others to discover their deeper awareness. It is this which you have in common with all of these guides. A strong sense that other people awakening is important. That this will be valuable.

Path of assistance is a powerful truth path, one that will repeatedly give you deeper understanding of your own ability to help others and your capacity to improve the world. This therefore will also be what you share in common by whatever means, not just creativity with these other guides.

Karmic Wheel
Hilarion: There are those who recognize the karmic wheel and understand, through many lifetimes associated with Buddhism or other aspects of reincarnation, what this really means. But, they are still here. They are here because they are waiting for you. Those who now understand and receive the energy of their highest potential can allow this with those of the greater spiritual patience, an acknowledgment of their souls’ energy for the manifestation of something new on your earth—a true evolution of humanity. But, what form this will take? How you will bring it into form must have to do with some of the most positive and beautiful aspects of your society, of your appreciation of each other, of your love, of your sensuality, of your romance as well as your capacity to assist to bring the dual aspects of "school earth" and "hospital earth," into one. This could be exciting. It could be fun. It could be pleasurable. This could engage the consciousness of collective humanity sufficiently to bring it forward.

And there will still be a few, feeling this, seeing this, who will mistake it for doing. “Come on, you! Get with the program! Get out there and help somebody!”, or “Let’s make this a really great new age.” But at its core the opportunity to return always to the creative force must be known in order for that force to manifest in such a way that it actually touches your soul, actually makes a difference in your life. That is one of the wonderful meanings of Vesta (astrology), as it progresses into your natal chart, it can light off different opportunities to see things in a new way.

But at the same time there are energies that build in your consciousness, helping you at times to see the darkness, the difficulty, the struggle. In relationship this relates specifically to the law of reflection. And the greater symbol here is Venus. Now lit up by the sun, brought into consciousness for all to think about, [it] continues its work with you now.  The symbol of Venus, reminding you to take those energies inside, to bring them out into the world, to share them in a positive way for yourself. ‘What have you truly deeply learned about relationship?’

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Have I Ever Been An Arcturian?
Lori: Have I ever been an Arcturian?
Hilarion: Well, that's a tricky one. You spent a little training there, you did some interaction and work with several Arcturians and they have continuous existence to assist earthlings. Many people here who are studying and working with extra physicals and learning a lot with them. So, then they transfer that into extraterrestrials.

But, Arcturians have mastered an inter-dimensional interchange of energy so that they can be both physical and non-physical. This was something that fascinated you and it was an area that they were willing to share with you. But, there was a difficulty here because of your many earthly existences, many ways of relating to things in a more physical nature; it was difficult. How could they show you this? How could they explain it? They had to just do it. 
So, you were sort of an honorary Arcturian you might say. An energy was projected to you and you were able to transfer your own energy into the physical, raising the molecular vibrations of the physical body, speeding everything up and becoming transparent for a while, you might say. Shifting various aspects that tie you to the physical while still in the physical body. This is difficult to understand in the three dimensional existence that you find yourself in now, but very easy with those who do it all the time. This was a very helpful process to show you what it felt like, to let you experience it rather than just let you see it at arms length.
But, as often is the case with this sort of thing there was a bit of trauma, not so much in the experience of actually raising the vibration. But, when you had the thought, well, what about the others? The ones I would miss, the other people on earth who need to know about this or whatever, sort of difficulty as you come back. Not that the trauma of leaving was difficult, but the trauma of returning. Some melancholy, some depression and sadness naturally resulting, some energetics at physical level were a little harder to more easily form the patterns, that sort of thing.
It is always when one goes way back, possible to see this in various contexts such as all different extraterrestrial existences. That's not what we are referring to. This was a far more recent journey that was very interesting for you. But, at the same time perplexing because when you returned you had to push out about half of the experience in order to understand what was left. To understand half of it you had to push out the other half. This is natural because of course, being in higher vibration, working with such beings, you can't always integrate such information and energy. 
But, you did say to yourself, creating a sort of soul contract for yourself that at the appropriate time you would be able to recall it. It would not be pushed out of your consciousness forever. The key to this would of course be the idea that of contact with Arcturians. The sense that such an energy was possible, that there could be some sense of something within this and here the key was simple. What do you have to give? This is the area most typically overlooked by many contactees, many people who channel and work with extraterrestrials, etc. It is so much about receiving for the good and obvious reason that there is so much to be received. These beings are so advanced, they have so much history, they have so much to share. So naturally, everyone would think that the experience is about taking.
But, you are quite aware of the powerful difference between the takers and the leavers. You are powerfully concerned with how important it is to share and to assist and to contribute. So then, this provocative question is not so much as philosophical or to help you understand, it is there as a trigger or key and that has to do with your genuine understanding, a full genuine, loving answer. 
What is the authentic area to explore with this about what you can contribute? The more you learn about Arcturus or work with channeled material or understand it from your own point of view, or even just find the star in the night sky and gaze upon it for a few minutes. Then, this becomes a more profound and important trigger. As you ask, you understand levels and layers of this, you contribute what you have experienced on Earth, what you learn from other people, that is one way. As you go deeper you realize it is a sense of the heart; a sense of something loving that shares something very beautiful, very helpful.
As you go deeper it comes to something else. It has to do with life purpose. The idea that your life is not only about the learning and aspects that are helpful to your soul and its development but about something intrinsic in contributing to others. A way in which the love is somehow compounded with or bound to service and that this as it is unique within you is a gift, is a beautiful thing and can be offered to Arcturians and other beings.

This, as you begin to understand it better for yourself, can be conceptualized by words, music, movement, painting, or something that to you symbolizes this. It doesn't matter what form you use to get to these beings. Finding this trigger would be helpful because then you can more easily re-experience some of what was lost from that energy and you are on earth now, so you could say in a sense it doesn't matter. It is the earthly aspects that are of maximum importance right now and this is true. But, you have had a tremendous sense at times of the creativity, the working with light, and the ability to use that light in its purest and clearest form that the Arcturians have shown you and that has been helpful.