Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Victim-Perpetrator Cycle

Lori: I know someone who has a very strong desire to visit the house of Anne Frank. What is her connection to this?

Hilarion: Oh, yes. Not just to much that occurred in that time period. She had opportunity to work with others by rescuing and helping and sometimes refused out of fear. It is a sort of re-creation of those energies. Visiting some of the places connected with the Nazi Regime will be a profound and helpful experience to her but it was much more than that. After all, when you are involved in that energy there is a karmic sequence and indeed in World War I she died, but on the other side as a German defending the Reich to the homeland, to protect and to work with others in ways that they could be made safe. To see this flip-flop lifetime after lifetime is very important. One of the things she came to work with this time around is to have this sense of deeper forgiveness, an awareness of a positive, loving light that could be very helpful.  She will experience it in many different ways for most of her life and it is hoped will finally come to a place of deep understanding about this. 

Any extreme indicates the powerful karma to the opposite extreme. It doesn't matter what it is, it is the blending of the Law of Opposite Expression with the Law of Karma and then what you recognize is anyone who has great sympathy or connection to a victim, or of course feels victim themselves, then has had sympathy or powerful connection to perpetrator or was perpetrator themselves. Understanding this ultimately gives rise to its end. That is a way in which the forgiveness is complete and there is no need to continue the cycle, this is a difficult thing for many people to understand when they are experiencing it within their generation.

So, what you are seeing now is a skipping of a generation. It would be her Great Grand parents and therefore the balancing can then come now. Not just through the genetic lineage or understanding the energies of the world, but in the heart of those who were involved in these processes.

For her, one of the most difficult times occurred in 1944 when she was confronted with the opportunity to help a fleeing family or find that the price to this was tremendous, the death of loved ones to her, and she chose that this family would be taken away. What she never came to understand about this, and one of the reasons that it still remains, is that most of the members of that family, save one, escaped. The result of this was that they did have a deeper understanding in themselves because they also had experienced in the past as perpetrator of great struggle and difficulty, all the way back to World War I as well.

One must therefore recognize the perspective in this for oneself emotionally. A sense of forgiveness, or love, many people have experienced this visiting Auschwitz-Birkenau or any of these places that are known historically as very scary or horrible places. Because what they find when they visit them today is a very different experience, a sense of peace, or quiet, an energy there that is deep below the surface, that is asking for forgiveness, for positive, uplifting, swirling light.

Many, many people going there have a deep understanding of this and have projected a healing light. It has been uplifting, angelic and helpful to the souls that are still trapped there. But the point is to go now in this generation beyond the balancing, to the place in which that deeper peace can be established within the soul for self forgiveness, not so much for the acceptance and light for the others but for yourself.

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Hilarion : There are several factors at work here, but most important of these, is the aspect of the nature of the principle of Karma, which is Cause-&-Effect. This is rarely properly understood, when one is so deep in the emotion of the situation. Yet, when you step back and note the Law of Karma, how it tends to work, you'll recognize that wherever there is a difficulty, it has been deliberately selected by your soul, by your consciousness. It is that which releases by balancing, and that which typically balances in a similar manner, though typically in the opposite direction to how the karma originated.

Thus, wherever there is a victim, there is a perpetrator. If you look at this subjectively, from the point of view of looking at other people, how they have worked in the world and what they work with, it is easy to grasp this because you do not then have the deeper emotional connection getting in the way.

But, you must recognize therefore, that in every situation where you see yourself as a victim, you are a perpetrator. If you take out the karmic aspects that links it only to time, as if to say once you were a perpetrator, then it is a little bit easier to get a handle on it now. Because of course, the individual that you are working with, is the one who is most capable of balancing this karma as rapidly as possible.