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Matthew And The Afterlife

This is an excerpt from one of my favorite books published in 2001. This is a detailed discussion between a mother and her son after he had died. Their messages continue on today


You often mention soul growth and studying. I used to think that when our souls go to Heaven, automatically they are completely evolved and all knowledge is revealed. So, how far advanced in spiritual growth and learning are Nirvana’s residents?

Matthew: Mother, residency here never has meant automatic soul advancement or automatic entry into universal knowledge. Remember that I told you it was created as a haven for the wounded souls in antiquity who needed to heal in a protected place?

So you see, Nirvana wasn’t designed to be the ultimate in knowledge or soul awareness, and it still isn’t. The haven for wounded warriors is no longer the purpose, of course, so now this placement is only one more stage for learning, one more step along the path in soul evolution.

Furthermore, just because I am here and you are there doesn’t make the difference in our soul progression. Spirit lifetime is the same as physical lifetime insofar as lessons to be learned, and many people on Earth are farther along in their soul evolution than many of us in this world. No moment of existence anywhere is devoid of learning opportunities. This doesn’t mean that a burdensome academic atmosphere exists in all moments of all lifetimes or that every soul must be interested in learning. It does mean that learning is movement toward the goal of all souls, reintegration with the Oneness, so it’s natural that we put great emphasis upon taking advantage of all learning opportunities.

Even though this realm is not as dramatic a school as Earth is, we have considerable advantages you don’t have. Since we aren’t constrained by your limitations of physical density, full usage of the brain and an accelerated rate of learning are possible. We aren’t limited by your third density senses either. Our access to learning resources is unparalleled, and there’s a harmonious flow of energy that is both stimulating and uplifting within an educational environment.

Other than your advantages, is education there anything like ours?

Matthew: A great deal like yours. We have regular classes with books, professors who offer instruction in myriad subjects, guest lecturers, training tools and progress evaluation. Master orators and educators from higher density placements come to advance us in areas beyond abilities and knowledge common to this realm.

Our immense libraries are complete reference centers with all the worthy reading and research material you have plus many other sources of information you’ve never heard of, such as records of Earth eras that are unknown to you. Nothing prevents anyone from enrolling in any class he chooses. There’s no such thing as a class being closed because it’s too full and there’s no requirement to take classes in ascending order, like your 101, 102 and so forth. Obviously there’s no tuition or any other limiting factor except one’s own interest and enthusiasm. There’s a learning curve proportional to the number in the class, the acceleration rate of assimilating the information, and the attitude of the students. Many students do have difficulty making the grade, but there are no Fs, and we all pitch in to help them with their studies.

This form of tutoring, coming from personal interest and willingness, not only is helpful to the foundering students but also it’s gratifying to those who assist them. Having no “time” is an advantage too—no bells end class or study periods, and a student may stay as long as he wishes. Some of our academic buildings are large and imposing and others are like the mobile trailers you have to supplement regular classroom space. Except for the luminosity of all our buildings, our educational settings are very similar to your largest high school and university campuses.

All of that sounds like an ideal learning atmosphere.

Matthew: It is, but it does present a challenge to the lazy soul. It is not mandatory to study or grow, it is purely individual choice. There are no failing grades, no reprimands, no expulsion for absence to pressure people with borderline attitudes to wake up. Consequently, a life here can be wasted due to the lack of external motivation, and those who wait to be prodded into shaping up are out of luck. And I’m not talking about learning only through formal education, Mother. I’m talking about all types of learning here, just as it exists there, where people also learn from their experiences and the experiences of others—the lessons of life. Laziness in learning is no more rewarded here than there, and when lazy souls leave here, their next lifetime is a backward move. Although we can select the lessons we want, guidance is available in the Akashic Records, which reveal our experiencing and life lessons started but still incomplete. Heeding that guidance leads to the most sensible and beneficial preparation for the lifetime ahead, but still, we have total freedom to choose what we want to learn.

What academic courses are available?

Matthew: All the sciences, arts, languages, engineering—really, every one you can imagine from astronomy to mythology to zoology. Why mythology? Because it’s fascinating to compare the revelations about antiquity with what we were taught on Earth. Unlike what is taught there, the legends of mythology are much more than ancient attempts to explain human existence and natural phenomena—most are accounts of actual happenings. For instance, there really were those combination animal and human beings, but the truth is not nearly as frivolous as the stories of singing mermaids and piping goat-men and prancing centaurs. Those intelligent, miserable creatures were the manifestations of depraved minds with only self-serving interests in their cruel creation of such beings. Some were designed especially to do jobs that required the capability to think and perform labor that humans couldn’t do, such as work underwater for long periods, or didn’t want to do.

That’s not at all a nice revelation to hear about. Matthew, is there usually such a difference in what you learn and what we’re taught?

Matthew: It depends upon the field of study. Our medical studies go beyond those on Earth, yet they eliminate most of the medical education there. We don’t need any training in broken bones or diseases because none of those are here, and we don’t need pharmaceutical knowledge because we don’t use “prescription” drugs. Treatment is by directed energy vibrations, and all maladies of the newcomers are healed by this means. The physical body’s memories are acute, and the immediate hold those memories have over the etheric body is profound.

We learn how to realign the energy so the discarded physical body leaves no lingering hold on the etheric body that will encumber or lessen its potential for fullness of living. The same is true of a damaged psyche, which often goes hand in hand with the body’s need for healing. So our psychology studies have the same focus, but here we go directly to the dis-eased area and dislodge the blocked energy that is causing the mental or emotional problems. There is no wasted time in long or unproductive discussions of the symptoms or the effects of problems prior to treatment of their cause.

Our medicine immediately recognizes and dispels the sources of anguish and transforms those conditions into productive energy for the total good of the persons. Our instruction in the natural sciences also differs greatly from yours. We have no theories or erroneous conclusions that lead only to misinformation or failure on the way to accurate understanding. We study the universal laws of natural sciences, God’s laws. We apply them in structural ways here and assist in the ideas and conceptual learning phases of scientists on Earth. As genetically gifted people, your scientists are both capable of absorbing information and receptive to that process. Specially selected scientists are privileged by a panel of our masters to absorb the information that is eternally available in the universal mind. It’s an extraction and distillation process.

Thus, the discoveries of Earth researchers and inventors are the scientific realities that already exist in the universe—they don’t originate with your scientists. Our assistance is by way of what you could call the inspirations your scientists get, but what is really happening is that they’re being responsive to the information being “fed” to them. This same “feeding” principle applies to the arts. You are about equal with us in this area, because artistic expression comes from the universal melting pot of talent. This is a soul level connection that allows the universal gifts to flow freely, without the distortion inherent in the limitations of your third density bodies. Science is mental, art is from the heart and soul. In painting and sculpture we are more discriminating in what we consider art and what you produce and prize.

Some of your products are merely from audacious imaginations, and although the ideas remain as their own rigid forms, those types of products are not recognized as art and are not respected here. Your most beautiful soul expressions in painting and sculpture were generated in the heavens. We have our own artists, of course. When the same geniuses known on Earth are here between embodiments, they instruct as well as produce new art forms. Their teaching and creative methods may not always be with brush and pigments or sculpting tools and marble, but some do enjoy that form and choose it over the mental and emotional manifestation process.

When those artistically endowed souls reincarnate, their new lifetimes are graced with soul level connection to universal beauty, but they may express that in different pathways. The sculptor last time may be a poet now, and the writer last time, a pianist. The teacher may emerge in the soul whose last lifetime was as a performing artist, or vice versa, but always the soul connection with the universal art is the key. It is the combination of that special connection and genetic inheritance that produces artistic genius. The soul chooses the parents for the genetic strain as well as the capability to provide instruction. They enter into a pre-birth agreement that includes a provision for an environment and the resources that will permit the artist to flourish and have access to all necessary training.

You keep amazing me! Do the “lazy souls” there waste their talents by not bringing them into their next physical lifetime?

Matthew: A talent may be wasted in a discarnate or incarnate lifetime, but this doesn’t often happen. The urge to create is too strongly entrenched at soul level to be suppressed. That’s why many masters in the arts overcome extreme obstacles to allow their creative drive to flow naturally—consider Beethoven! However, when an unforeseen situation prevents the pre-birth provisions from being realized, that talent is not lost. Its energy joins thought forms of like nature and will be attracted by other desirous souls for developing.

Ward, Suzanne. Matthew, Tell me about Heaven: A Firsthand Description of the Afterlife (Matthew Books Book 1) . Matthew Books. Kindle Edition.

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Covid-19 Karma (Cause and Effect) and Moringa Oleifera as Herbal Preventative
Hilarion: So, when you look at the history of what has been occurring recently you see a tremendous focus in certain locations, origin locations and that this then spreads throughout the world. The underlying reasons for this are partially physical, partially planned and partially accidental but have specifically to do with events on the earth and things that have occurred here. Sometimes knowing that can be somewhat helpful as it gives you a different sense or a different perspective.

Another way to understand it is to see the overall plan and sometimes this plan is called a “conspiracy.” That simply means that many are cooperating together in order to bring it about. Could there be a conspiracy of light? A conspiracy of positive change? For many people the answer to this is clearly “no.”

But, as you look at these plans they can largely be broken down into several levels. That which might be called, “level five” relates to the destruction of all of humanity. There are some individuals who see that, that is the direction that this is going. There is that which is, “level four,” which is the enslavement of all of humanity and there are many individuals who see that that is the direction that this is going. This could be to the end of providing food for hungry extraterrestrials who think of human beings as a delicious delicacy or an energetic associated with the mining of various minerals on planet earth or the collecting of souls and human consciousness or the utilization of the planet for various other means such as by increasing carbon dioxide, other beings could live here and utilize human beings as their servants.

Then you come to level three where there is that energetic that is much more associated with a plan where people in positions of power are able to promote that power so powerfully that they're able to see themselves in a completely separate class from all other human beings as if they would be the masters and humans would be the slaves. This would require a chipping that is constant identification, 100% total vaccination of all people in order to promote this and various health issues or addictive issues that would keep people in their place.

When you go all the way down to level zero you have no conspiracy at all. You have this as if a pure accident, somewhere someone made a little boo-boo in their laboratory experiments and that which was meant to be stuck in a test tube somewhere escaped. The result of this spread throughout the world and created all of these problems.

Well, we would have to say from looking at all of this, looking into the dreams and the consciousness of all people involved and accessing the extraterrestrials who watch over you and work with you for both positive and negative that this is clearly not a zero or a three. It is somewhere in between. Whether it is a one or a two will be up to you and it will be a way in which this eventually emerges in the consciousness of many.

It is very easy to see simply looking at the records of what happened that an American scientist in the city of Wuhan in a laboratory working with others built this virus now called Covid-19 and did so by drawing in capacities from other viruses and giving it a very high level of adaptability and then it was then released into the world. So, where the adaptability comes in is that it has a particular affinity to help the physical body cleanse materials very quickly and when this occurs that quick cleansing causes major cell disruption and for some individuals death.

The first target of this was the mineral arsenic. Arsenic is found at high levels in chickens and rice and this in China particularly because very recently there was a large wholesale slaughter of pigs and so a big movement towards chicken took place. Chickens have been fed arsenic for a few years now as part of their feed because they grow much faster; they mature, and the arsenic does not seem to hurt them very much but of course people absorb it and the rice has arsenic in it from industrial waste, from the atmosphere and even in some cases where it is added to the soil by chicken manure.

So, those who were aware of this took the homeopathic “arsenicum 30”  and noted that the worst effects of this virus never reached them. They got perhaps a little sniffle and that was it. So, the conclusion to this from some is that all you need to do is take “arsenicum 30” and you will have an excellent preventative. It is termed “prophylactic,” against this virus. This is not correct. Yes, it certainly can be helpful, particularly, if your diet includes a lot of arsenic and it will be part of the picture.

Next, is the awareness of how this moved strongly across the world through travelers and in Italy took hold. Here is the second adaptation: aluminum. Aluminum is widespread in pasta, particularly in the last ten years, the widespread use of aluminum not just for cooking but for many forms of preparation.

Now, these are the purely physical attributes not the karmic; not the bigger picture. Interestingly enough, there were many travelers to India during this time period and they were not beset with this virus. Those might say well, this is karma but it is actually another attribute and those scientists who watched this go all over the planet are learning from this. That it was not effective there is primarily because an herb that deliberately works with arsenic and to a lesser extent aluminum and is very healing and helpful has proven itself not just to the Indian people but to people experimenting with herbs all over the world.

This is Moringa Oleifera. It is a plant that grows all over the world but that has been widely cultivated for its leaves in India. Certainly, it is an excellent herb for you to be taking for prevention and when there is healing needed in the body to help cure the effects of this virus. It does seem to combine quite well with another herb that has not been as widespread in its use and that is Elderberry. (Elderberry Syrup)

But, as these are seen as helpful tools we are then encouraging people to explore this and learn about them and to use them more. At the karmic level the idea was that some of the powerful issues of the suppression of consciousness, awareness, truth, and other things in China might change and indeed this is occurring. Many people will see that the government cannot be trusted and those that have spoken about this regarding the lack of transparency know all of that is a huge karmic issue immediately coming to the fore with this.

In Italy, the idea of those who profess a higher spirituality but in point of fact have no regard for religion or assistance, they indeed are also at a karmic level being strongly hurt by this. We spoke of this in the early 1980s through our friend in Canada now deceased in the little book, “Nations," that was the first in the series of these channelings. Its purpose is not to lay blame but simply to point the direction in which healing can take place and many of you have this book and having read it you know that the healing associated with America has to do with its generosity and its willingness to help others. You see some of that when you are helping your neighbors, when you are learning to coexist peacefully but in terms of welcoming others or assisting through health and benefit to others of science and technology, not at all. You are seeing just the opposite and this does not bode well for America's path through this difficulty.

Indeed, anyway even if it is only through the Internet in which you can make communication with people in other countries who are suffering and encourage them or share light with them or do whatever you can this is a small thing of course because it is not involving all of the country but still it is an important attribute because America has a history of welcoming, of bringing in others.

Indeed, it is a country entirely based on immigration and immigrants except for those who are native to this place who have been suppressed and harmed by those immigrants and those who are here now closing their borders keeping people out and so on do not understand of all of the importance of this at a spiritual level, at a larger level, at a karmic level. It is hard to forgive them but you can because you know inside of you the fear is Xena phobic and it is that which is afraid of others, that which is afraid of that which comes outside of you. What is the truth of that? Is it really outside of you or can you find the place and utilize perhaps that little phrase “just like me. “

Can you find that place within you where you can love people from outside this country? People who come to you from other places and such really is present at every level. In every country wherever you are. We are not saying that at a physical level the right thing to do is to open all of the borders but the right thing to do clearly is to provide help at every level by sharing of the resources of the learning, of the health giving measures whatever they are amongst all peoples. Such generosity, such caring will leave its mark particularly because it is more needed now than any other time.├Ąder-chemtrails-4320136/

So, in this way you can recognize that all of these energies as they shift have occurred in an interesting timing sequence. We spoke of this in the last quarterly channeling and in those previous in the development of higher frequency microwave energies pouring into humanity at stronger and stronger levels. The levels are not strong as determined entirely by amplitude but by their effects on the human body. There is now seen a direct correlation when the frequencies are higher there is a restimulation and a re-emmission that the cells, particularly the nervous system cells, but all of the cells in the body do.

This is called “Brillouin” and they are called these days “Brillon precursors,” though it is actually Brillouin scattering. The Brillouin precursors are those within the cell that cause damage of all kinds. This mirrors in a way the entire idea behind 5G. That is that energetics will go from the satellites into the individual cell phones but also into the antenna on the poles throughout a city. In this way, people can be in constant communication and connection together. They can achieve all kinds of levels of greater awareness and contact and naturally have their needs met more carefully, more consciously and more effectively.

This is a boon of course for the telecommunication companies but also for all of those who are interested in providing this. Because they have such a huge financial stake in this and every turn the guides and helpers (of humanity) have been beaming potential to simply tell them to “turn it off,” and they refuse. They are saying regardless of the destruction, regardless of the damage we are going to continue maintaining. Right now there is a great sensitivity to 24.25- 24.75 GHz this is a higher frequency then has been present in cell phone communications on your planet which is typically under 8 GHz and that which there just isn't enough data of an experimental level to justify its use.

But, it is the only frequency area available and it is only the beginning. Frequencies all the way up to 80 GHz are being seriously considered and will likely be employed as the satellites launch into space by the thousands and have the capability to provide this. They to the largest extent have about a five-year life because they are in low Earth orbit so it is also possible that if they are simply no longer maintained that they will fail.

But, the primary idea being provided to those who want to create an actual  physical change political in nature that which could make a big shift and so on is simple:

5G = coronavirus.
5G needs to be turned off now
Turn it off

These are the three slogans that are being shared in the consciousness by all the guides and helpers (of humanity) all over the planet right now. You are seeing  tremendous resistance to this principally because the very networks that are putting billions of dollars into this enterprise who are providing the money for the media to keep the news and television and radio and Internet and newspapers going.

So, it's going to be a big loss for them and it has been observed that this Brillouin precursor predisposes the cells to damage and in particular from this virus. It is no accident or coincidence that some of the very first cities to be fully wired with all of these little antennas for 5G were those cities of Milan, Italy and Wuhan, China and that the Princess Cruise ships were heavily wired for 5G so that all of the people there could benefit from all of these excellent ways of connecting with each other, playing games and connecting on the Internet etc.

Well, this is clearly a cause and effect relationship at two levels. There is the one of simply recognizing the correlations; the ways in which so many people are predisposed to illness when they are subjected to these radiations to all of these 5G frequencies and the second is that of the actual causation of the Brillouin Precursors and the ways in which the cells themselves are damaged and slow down their natural immune processes in the presence of this radiation.

Now, many would of course be asking “well, what can I personally do?” It is actually an interesting question.There was a time when people when they saw what a problem something was they challenged the authorities; they destroyed the brazen idols; they tore down the churches that were stealing the money from everyone; they brought to a halt the taxation of the humans by tossing the tea into the ocean.

Is it time for humans to now take down these little cell towers? This is an interesting idea but we would suggest that if you do this that you leave a calling card explaining why. Showing these specific correlations of the cities and the cruise ships and the causation associated with Brillioun precursors and the simple statement of one of the three we mentioned earlier.

We cannot be in a position ever to promote civil disobedience but we are noting that in the consciousness of those who understand this that this is coming to mind and that they are thinking about this. All they have to do of course, is identify what these small cell poles looks like in order to make such changes. Obviously, anyone speaking of such matters could get in a lot of trouble so we wouldn't want to do that. So, we simply note that this is in the consciousness of many at the current time.

In addition to all of these sorts of energies there is the possibility of utilizing technology that shields, that changes these energies before they hit your body and we suggested a variety of these. We cannot say for certain which ones work the best for everyone. You have to try it for yourself, you have to work with it and see.

But, we can observe that there are people who have tried these different technologies and have been successful and are healing or shielded or do not have these affects from these exposures to virus or whatever. Principally, you could say the cleansing of the materials that are difficult in their physical bodies is taking place at a slower rate.

Which brings up of course the most important technique if there is anything within you that needs to be cleansed, do so. In the northern hemisphere you could consider this, “spring cleaning.” In the southern hemisphere you could say that you are getting ready for the winter and you are going to put into storage only the very best. Some of the things we mentioned in the past, utilization of brown’s gas inhalation, and the utilization of deuterium depleted water. These are powerful techniques that help the body cleanse.

Further off in the past we have mentioned the implementation of the Aajonus Vonderplantitz techniques. In particular, the use of having some pineapple and coconut cream and hopping into a hot bath for a while what he called the “lymph bath” which is widely detailed at the website where “to” is the number two. The point of these is to cleanse all kinds of toxic materials from the physical body.

The interesting one that it appears the coronavirus has not yet adapted to cleanse is glyphosate. This is a more complex chemical and it is that which the scientists involved were rather disappointed to see it did not cleanse it nearly to the degree that it caused great disharmony or difficulty in the physical body as it is such as noted with arsenic and aluminum. In the future perhaps a new virus will be developed that can do this so again it just makes sense where possible to clear this from the physical body as much as you can.

Of course, fluoride is another toxic material and there is right now a tremendous effort underway to bring out a new virus that would adapt to this. It is hoped that this will not be successful and those involved will not be able to present this because of course this material is so widespread affecting the pineal, causing various difficulties in the body and so on.

One of the best ways to keep this out is by the use of gem elixirs and various useful gems certainly have been proposed for this in the past and those containing fluoride are in some way superior to anything homeopathic because what they do is align the physical body in such a way that the body can naturally move this out in a slow and steady manner. Of course as much as possible avoiding fluorides is very helpful also.

Now, we are getting pretty radical here and telling people to do things that perhaps their dentist or doctor or others told them they should do but you must do your own research on this in order to decide for yourself.
Now, In this overall plan there is this possibility as we mentioned at levels one and two that there would be greater widespread vaccination and the benefit to this is that by bringing in the vaccine all kinds of substances particularly in USA there is no regulation of this, there is no consequence of this because of the Vaccine Act of 1986 there is no financial consequences to any of the companies involved in producing effective or ineffective contaminated or non-contaminated (“whatever”) vaccines.

*** China Mandatory Vaccinations

So, this is one of these plans to take advantage of this and wouldn't this then be helpful? You already see how this is going by talking about a vaccine for Covid- 19 people are already predisposed to this. So, perhaps a year or two years from now when someone brings this forward everyone will want it. It will be that which people will say, “Oh, thank goodness these pharmaceutical companies finally have come through for us and will help us with this.” This is unfortunate because of course there is this lack of accountability and so along with the understanding of this potential plan there is time at a political level to change this, to overturn the Vaccine Act (The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) of 1986 to shift public consciousness around this and to bring it into the awareness of many.


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What Other Creative Projects Have I Been Involved With In The Past?

Photo by Denise Jans on Unsplash
Lori: Why am I suddenly writing a musical?

Hilarion: There was an interesting play that was put together in your last intermissive. (the time between lives, AKA "the afterlife") A chance in which many from all different places could contribute. It was a little different from the way in which you see plays now. You would pretty much present it after it had reached some stage of solidity. It would change slightly perhaps from night to night but pretty much you were trying to improve it but not change it radically. But, that was the intent of this play so that a beginning place, an understanding, an awareness and a script and many important energies. There was a deliberate attempt here to chart and work with the higher history, in particular spiritual history of Earth, particularly in the late 20th and early 21st century looking at this as based upon the 19th and 20th centuries and how those energies were understood and worked with.

Then, collecting information and looking at how the audience responded, a new play was created for the following night. Various script changes could be made. Energetics could be significantly shifted. Some of the underlying ideas might remain the same but many others could change. But, the clear intent from the very beginning was all of it was up for grabs and any of it could be modified or shifted as needed.

This is quite different from improv. In improv, in the very moment the shifts can be made and it was clear intent amongst all of those creating this that those such could be applied as necessary to further evolve the larger intent. This was not improv. That it was scripted, understood, memorized, rehearsed until you were ready. You always had the option so that if things could not be prepared sufficiently that you could put forward when the performance would be. You would not have to do it on a nightly basis but in point of fact you did continue with this.

Now, of course, night and day at the higher dimensions are quite different. Generally, to say in a rather regular and repeated pattern of that which related to how people might come together with the night energies to view and be a part of a play done for community. This was done on a regular basis for what would be like, in human terms, ”about a year.” Doing this on a regular basis forced you to understand the possibilities for changes, forced you to practice over and over memorization abilities, various capacities you would have working with different characters and different ideas. But, at the same time to bring this together in such a way that the creativity could clearly be magnified, focused on and be playful.

In working with this it was a great inspiration and not just to you as you had extra-terrestrials, various nonphysical beings and all kinds of others involved in such. Think of this from this point of view, if you were to create a training, a place of inspiration, a place that might bring in new ideas or contexts for an individual who was interested in the play as a form when she would incarnate, what kind of activities would you encourage her to do on the other side?  Of course you would have the very basic ones of screenwriting or directing or looking at stage mechanics or technologies but very quickly you go beyond that.  Very quickly you understand that it is at the core basis of the form itself that you are going to get the greatest inspiration, push the boundaries and make you much better at any aspect of this that you might drop into.

So, this was a very useful, fun, creative activity that of course had a lot of fans, a lot of enjoyment, you would never know coming to such a thing. What are they putting on tonight? What energy might be shared? How might it be different from a week before or a month before or even from just the night before? This is a provocative notion and one that would probably be very difficult to manifest right now in the world successfully. But, still it was of great inspiration and importance to many.

There were other creative endeavors, some involving mutual inspiration of some individuals who might then come forth to bring music and beautiful forms of poetry, dance or other things to the world. One of these was a period of time you spent inspiring individuals for a few years, there were many involved with this and they expressed many of the important energies of the time and did so by at times reaching through channeling, to create songs, to bring through ideas that didn't make sense until they were all brought together and then could be created in a musical form. You and the others were able at times to bring inspiration and help to others and in preparation for coming into this life. It was important to you to have this as a sort of a reminder that you could from the other side, inspire, motivate, or shift the consciousness of people here in the world. For what reason? So that you would also be inspired, shifted, motivated. That your consciousness might be shifted by guides, helpers, those of creative inspiration and understanding at higher dimensional levels once you came here.

You are also had opportunity to work in a completely different area when you asked the very question, “what is creativity? What does this mean? What is the expressive? What is this energy flowing through? What is it? “ In contacting and understanding it you saw of its great similarity to something quite undeveloped, that shows up in a small child. Something perhaps at six months of age or one year of age or before it even comes to what would even be considered artistic or formed in some way recognized by the adults. It was an energy that you also sought through your own creative efforts to magnify, to strengthen, and to share.

For a brief period you acted in a very interesting way to dance with those who were seeking to be born soon. A dance that was to magnify energy that would draw through a vortex to experience in its purest form. No idea of interpretation or understanding simply the moving of the energy itself, that this could be helpful to a child who sought to become physical and eventually perhaps to be involved in movement or dance or to know that the physical body needed attention by moving. That was unimportant how it actually manifested. It was the purity of the form itself. There were many who shared in this and were inspired by it both at nonphysical and preparation for physical and physical levels.

In all of these cases these were seen as creative rather than contemplated. The pure creativity itself, the energy of the transfer and the inspiration, this was more important than that it was good, that other people cared, that it was useful or helpful and paradoxically it so frequently was. Because it was liberated in this way could be beneficial, could be helpful.These would seem to be the three activities of more intent and time. You know, creative effort at the nonphysical level is very different from creativity at the physical level as you can see.

April 29, 2015

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What Is My Past Life Connection To Theater? Jackson
Hilarion: Many times it has saved your life in some situations. In others it was somewhat dangerous. Bear baiting and theater was quite common in Elizabethian times and sometimes the crowds would go over to the bear and leave you alone. Those would sometimes be times that in your anger you would stride over to the bear and as you can imagine various troubles would ensue.

Earlier than this it was often a time in which you could earn food, be taken care of, have a sense of prominence, not theater in the usual sense, but entertainment, storytelling, helping others with their own issues, and so on.

As with most of those activities in this life, which have a more profound influence, you can go back to that doorway lifetime in Atlantis to answer to this. The essence of theater was understood at the time. A way in which a deeper aspect of expression was allowed to emerge as a powerful creative light, obviously influenced by Vega, an energy from many levels simultaneously. It was a pure and powerful light. You felt great delight as a little child. You would turn it into stories, use it as inspiration for creative activities. When you grew older you recognized the pure energy would not be enough.

The interesting thing about this, that in your view, through your Atlantean lives, where you witnessed various aspects of theater, exploration of your creative expression of your connection to other people, you actually in Atlantis sent energy, the feeling of that powerful light again, somehow to the future. The equipment or technology was not designed to do that.

But your own sense of the connectivity, the bridge, the alignment, it is this energy which does indeed allow this to transfer. It is very easy to access this now. The way we have usually suggested that people connect to past selves and future selves is quite suitable. If you wish to allow that energy you simply bridge it. So if you allow that energy now, a thankfulness, a gratefulness, in Atlantis of what you did or tried to do and then taking what you learned now; in Atlantis you knew about technology, education, the heart.

This is a powerful useful message you have learned in the intervening years and which you have learned in this life. Therefore you have opened the door. When you send the sense of your heart to the being that you were in Atlantis, you send that being all those helpful energies and you open the door. Then the light that was sent forward from that time to now is more easily received.

Similarly as you project an energy to your future self, when you send a light to your future self, you enhance your ability to receive more easily the energy from your past self and so on. It is through this bridging, that all of these aspects are then enhanced and strengthened naturally.

This is the higher energy of theater. You have seen it many times when someone is in that beautiful, wonderful place,  the character has a powerful message, something valuable for others comes through. It is that energy in its purest sense which was worked with in Atlantis.

Let us give you then an example for you to play with. You are for instance familiar with intrinsic truth, and universal laws. Imagine that somehow presented as a play, people coming to it because it was so amusing, because it was so fun, because there was so much pathos, because the play transformed the nature of their being. But, also because they recognize in their life where they could make a change and that change would be profound and helpful in some aspect of who they are and that change could be different one person to another.  It is that sort of contemplation that has at times drawn your energy to this idea of the truth to be communicated.

That how could easily lie in the emotional aspect, in the feeling sense, in the sense of the modality in which it is to be shared; a movement. It can be a combination of all of these things and that is the area to be explored in addition to the understanding of the truth itself.  In other words, as you move to this next level, as the cycle now comes around again as you incorporate everything from the previous understanding. The aspects of the feeling experience, awareness of the sound experience, sense of movement experience, etc. 

It involves different parts of your own being, and will frequently involve something else, an aspect that you have also dealt with in various times in the past, a sort of letting it all go, letting it come from the heart, letting it come from a place where it isn't at all about figuring out the truth or coming up with the principal, or talking about ideas.  That was perhaps the way of the ancient philosophers which is clearly not applicable to the current day reality.

The problem with getting the big picture of it is that it might take several lifetimes.  Understanding these tendencies toward truth and working with it, combining that with what you understand, with how you might understand it, how your emotions are received, how you share from one to many and all of that, well it’s a big job. There’s a lot to it.

This understanding has eluded many beings on your planet.  Many who have come to a high level of awareness and consciousness, many masters, many guides, many helpers. Because after all, the underlying principles, the essential characteristics of truth in different ways have been spoken for a long time, are available in many wonderful books of those of the teachings of all kinds of very high vibrational beings.  But, what difference does it make?  How is it that with the understanding of that, humanity still seems to be plunging headlong into a place in which they are destroying their home?

Probably the most prominent in humanity’s history being the stupidity of war, and yet, the repeated way in which humanity for ages has turned to war for solutions. Understanding the underlying truth is insufficient, being able to communicate it is insufficient, being able to identify the ways in which that communication could be fully received would seem to be an area of potential bearing of fruit that would be helpful and that which your soul has a great deal of interest in.

This is now which you have in your own makeup; that over the intervening years, centuries, you have built this energy in. This means that at the soul level you have another aspect of truth you are now ready to drop in and it may not show up in this lifetime.  But it may be that which being in front of the public; this is something along the line of how those who do not receive and understand the truth directly, that is from the words alone, may receive it, know it, incorporate it.