Saturday, January 12, 2019

Do You Have Questions About Karma?
Are there any questions about karma,  reincarnation, past lives, or past life triggers that you would like to ask? A specific issue you feel I didn't address in my blog? If so, please feel free to comment or  send me a private message. You can ask anything you want. Nothing is off limits. There are people from all over the globe reading my blog and I'm truly grateful for everyone's interest in my work. I'm kind of sick of karma at the moment (lol) and taking a little break although I will post about karmic blocks, cellular memory, the various grades of karma and many other issues.

I started writing this musical because I truly don't understand the violence of this world. It doesn't have to be this way. Abuse of power goes on because nobody questions it. Yet, I really wanted to write about my own personal experience with reincarnation, not something I cut and pasted from somebody else's book. As I wrote before, I really only wanted to write about reincarnation and not karma but that just felt like a total cop-out because of the traumatic past life experiences I was experiencing.

What impacted me the most in my process was the realization that time itself does not heal all wounds. How do we heal this, "core wound?" I experienced this for myself because I had a chronic bone disease (avascular necrosis) and I healed it by understanding karma. I learned that all healing was self-healing and that chronic =karmic. Which meant that to truly heal I had to shift something within my own consciousness. I'm in the process of starting a Youtube channel discussing Universal Laws and an Instagram account about Intuition. I have several projects I'm trying to finish. My last name is Dunn and I can't seem to get anything done. This is the big conundrum of my life. 😏 That is where my journey is taking me next.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

My Past Lives As A Native American
Hilarion: There have been several of these but probably the more important of these was as a guide for Lakota. This is sometimes confused as Sioux tribe but that was not their name and in fact they did not use this word. The overview was of some importance to you to show them a sense of the children and what they could grow up to be, to show them how the tribe could interact, survive, work with others. You knew three different (you could call them “chiefs,)” though they were not seen as that. They were the central voices in the groups and this led you to a series of incarnations as working with other tribes such as Algonquin, some tribes in South America, some in far north, those that have been called, “Inuit,” “Eskimo,” and other names although those were not the names you used.

Each of these giving you some perspective but it always seemed as if there was a turning point. Usually, you were fairly young: 19, 20, 22 and at these ages you saw that you had learned enough and you challenged yourself: you came to a battle or a disease or an opportunity to save someone else. You made your transition very easily and you decided then that this information, this understanding would again be useful as a guide or helper. But, of course you then came up against the big problem that all of the native, both north and south American tribes faced. That of the encroaching civilization from Europeans and various difficulties of civilization, technology, pollution, disease and all the rest. 

Again, you found yourself far more useful overshadowing, guiding and helping others to come to terms with this but it was very difficult. There was simply no help for it and you witnessed the death of many thousands from the other side. This enabled you to come to some perspective that you could not have easily had if you had been incarnated as a native at that time because you would have likely engendered a lot of emotional distress that you would find necessary only to discharge karmically by incarnating within that victim/perpetrator paradigm and endlessly caught up within that cycle. 

Instead, the overview was helpful. You guided some of those in various tribes to a place of forgiveness, a place of surrender, a place of seeing things differently: you showed them dreams that were orchestrated and assisted by many from the other side where they could see the perspective from that of the Europeans and from that of the whites coming into their society. This enabled them many times to let go of the perspective that they were attached to any particular tribe. It is interesting to trace this way back because you actually had an experience with that, too.

The ancestry that has been traced utilizing DNA evidence is accurate. In that the physical people who eventually gave rise to most of the native and north and south American population were all derived from a very small group that came over the land bridge from Asia. These individuals in some ways look much more similar to the step people, the people of Siberia, the people of the middle east and of course then can be traced all the way back to Africa. But, these people as they came over were quite small in number, the ones that survived and eventually gave birth to all of the succeeding generations.

It has been theorized as few as ten but this is not quite right, but very close. There were in fact twenty-two. So, in this way you also foresaw coming with these people and recognizing these energies you foresaw what could happen in the Americas and that this was an unbalanced situation. That some greater genetic diversity or some physical shift or susceptibility to disease or other issues would be inevitable. 

Of course, you would not recognize this being in a physical body but from the other side it was easy to run the experiments and understand the science and see the perspective on this which of course was a holdover from your Atlantean incarnations and your understanding of this. As a result, you were never, when you were not incarnated but when looking at the overview, you never got to pulled in to the victim/ perpetrator issue. Thus, you were always able to incarnate with some perspective which was of course tremendously valuable to those who you would guide and assist. 

This still is a big problem, reparations, native tribal recognition, the issue of gambling and casinos, and the list goes on and on. The great difficulty between the Native Americans and the settlers here has gone on to the point now that you may be called upon at some point to assist. Here again, it might be having the greater perspective that genetic diversity is absolutely necessary for the improvement of human beings for many reasons. Be it as just disease prevention or as greater intelligence or awareness.

But, for you personally it was something else. In these incarnations where you were overseeing and assisting with others was this other energy. It was very clear to you to answer the question, “What did I learn from this?’ Here you were given many unique gifts: a sense of the earth, a sense of her rhythms; an awareness of how the earth communicates through the feet; a sense of belonging. This was of course important to anybody who has connection to other star systems. A sense that the earth could speak to you or connect with you.

This is one of the great contributions of the Native North and South American people and is that which is being lost. Some of it is inherent in the language and some of it in the customs but a lot of it is simply a sense that is handed down generation to generation of reverence and understanding of the earth that is not as prevalent in any other group or people in the world.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

If I Write About My Injury Will I Re-Create The Disease?
Lori: I’ve written a musical about using my intuition with the mind/body connection to rid myself of my pain from my arthritis and bone disease. I’m concerned that my nervous system and my mind won’t know the difference and I may possibly re-create the pain or disease.

Hilarion: Yes. That is sometimes a good thing. You would inevitably re-create issues until you learn them. This is detailed in our book, Body Signs. The intent is that as you learn the lesson you are then completing the cycle. The healing is complete. When you have learned it completely you actually forget about it. It has then moved entirely out of the realm of focus of your own interests.

This is illustrated in the Universal Law of Reflection. In the way in which you would attract to yourself people who have similar issues. Opportunities to help them are opportunities to help yourself. This is the more typically safe but slow way in which doctors, healers, various body workers, etc, are able to work out their various issues. The first step is becoming aware of this. Seeing how that process of attraction pops up over and over and gradually learning the deeper lesson of the law of reflection. As above so below. As within so without. You will attract to yourself, through the Law of Reflection, those opportunities for you to learn.

So the next part to this is to accelerate this. To understand it more consciously and deliberately. By working with every aspect of resistance to the Law of Reflection. Specifically, these would be your judgments. Any area where you’re holding something as less than, something that needs to be changed, something that provokes an emotion in you, etc.

There are those involved with various healing disciplines, psychic awareness, forgiveness exercises and the rest who would tell you don’t hold judgments. What nonsense. How are you to stop it when the energy shows up? Why not be looking at what it is valuable for and seeing its lesson so that then the judgment can be let go of. The intent of this is that you do so not by resisting it, not by saying," I am going to ignore that or suppress it." But, by inviting it and understanding its deeper meaning. Then you accomplish what is needed and it is no longer necessary.

Specifically, therefore the work of Byron Katie is a powerful example to work with these lessons, these judgments at a deeper level of understanding, at every level of consciousness. Then, the third level that you have already taken on, where you are working with these ideas over and over manifesting them through your own consciousness, your own body, your ability to share them with others.

If you have the capacity to get the lessons that are reflected back to you, from society, from your audience, the review of the play, the way in which other people are inspired by it, the way in which it change’s you, etc. You would naturally see the pathways from an outer to an inner that the Law of Reflection creates. But the other side to this, an inner understanding: an inner truth. You will be far more aware in the moment in which you are re-creating this. In writing the play, sharing it with others, all of those are opportunities to create your own inner awareness more and more powerfully.

Still as a result, for yourself, you would understand that you would change formation. Knowing this way in which you can express it will enable you to change more rapidly and more powerfully than you had thought possible. As you are prepared for this, as you are ready for it, as you welcome it, you will have much success and benefit, growing in many areas in your life. But to the extent in which you resist it, to which change shows up which you cannot easily work with that is where the difficulties can be.

Past Life Triggers
Lori: I would like to ask you about past life triggers. What I've noticed is that people trigger my past lives through their voice. I recently did a little experiment with someone I have had past lives with through the written word; a written letter. (this person was one of the monks I worked with in a past life). This individual was completely unaware of what I was doing 👀

It triggered emotion in me because it was beautifully written. But, it didn't seem to trigger past life memories. So I’m wondering why are my past life memories triggered by verbal communication moreso than through the written word?

Hilarion: There are two ways in which this primarily occurs. One of them is that which is the reminder by way of voice which is very easily influenced as somebody is speaking or working with you, the words they say can easily be influenced. This underlying idea they are trying to put forth that is already in their consciousness.

But, the way it comes out, the cadence, the pitch. All of these things are to some extent influenced by guides and helpers and where it is a past life trigger that it is desired, that is going to be your guides and helpers more than it is theirs. They may even do a little guide trade there for awhile letting your guides work with what they say and the person’s guides work with what you say. In this way, various energies can be shifted with the specific idea from these higher places to remind you to in some way activate. But you can also be doing this yourself.

That is, as this sort of process starts you are reminded in some way there is a powerful component of your soul that begins to come out. As if your higher self, or a higher energy begins to exert its own influence of your soul then the higher energy begins to exert its own influence. It's as if you are hearing yourself through the other person's cadence, words, pitch etc. That is an interesting sort of spirit or higher vibrational influenced aspect.

There is also however, a very basic physical component. This is the essential aspect that has been studied by so many individuals who work with sound healing. The idea is that you are going to use certain frequencies when you speak more than others. Why do you do this? There are many theories as to why this happens but you'll notice if you simply do a frequency spectrum of somebody speaking about anything that there are a limited number of pitches they use and a whole bunch of others they don't use. When you then very deliberately give them those pitches which they don't use, you will evoke an emotional state. You will shift consciousness. You will do things that in some ways may be uncomfortable or in other ways even move them into an altered state of consciousness.

This is the underlying basis of much of the study of Sherry Edwards, Tomatis and others who have studied sound healing for many years and has coalesced into a wide variety of technological advances for instance from sound energy research and others researching and working with sound to trigger past lives and trigger the various states within consciousness for people. This is more a mechanical aspect but could potentially be influenced by guides and helpers. If for instance the person speaking with you felt intuitively that they would change their voice intonation or the particular pitches they use, or the way in which those pitches were received by you was something they were more aware of then they might begin to shift.

As all of these mechanical aspects are understood you then have the opportunity to look at this yourself. To very deliberately seek to evoke these responses by noticing. For instance, if you speak into most digital audio workstation programs of which there are many free ones available such as Audacity. A simple spectrum analysis can show you the words that you speak have these unique pitches and there are so many others that are not used and in this way you can very deliberately use different sounds to see how the different responses occur within you.

Oftentimes, what is noted is that those which you rarely use are the ones that are directly associated with concepts that are difficult for you to hear. This of course makes sense because it is literally a pitch difficult for you to hear and that is why you tend to speak in the pitches you are then more easily able to hear. Similarly, you can make various assumptions about all of this.

We would say that these are the two most important factors but of course there are many others as you might imagine. For instance, if the things that are being said, that is the content can be something that can reach you on a deeper level. Oftentimes, this will go right around the intellectual mechanisms that might be present in a reading mode where you are working with the language, writing etc. and sometimes the speaking will then be that which reaches you very deeply. Oftentimes, you'll see reminders to this that can be activated such as chanting or various musical forms to help activate some of these triggers.