Monday, January 8, 2018

Karma, #metoo and California Fires

Hilarion: This is a powerful movement affecting many groups all across the planet. It is gradually moving out of not only the beginning points in Hollywood in Southern California but also into other cultures and into cultures where women's rights have been so severely abused and trampled for so many years that it becomes a very basis of the culture itself. This is a profound and powerful energy. But, at the same time one must recognize that there is another nonphysical component to it. Yes, of course, you would say in the collective consciousness all over the planet people are waking up to this. But, we would point to something else. 

When you examine lives, you see how people frequently alternate gender so most of the men who have been sexually abusing have been abused in their past lives. Most of the women who have indeed been abused have been abusers in their past lives. So many ways in which people are beginning to recognize that they don't need either. That they can come to a place of harmony or love or connection and that this is possible. But, to do so they must, like a lightning rod, like the lightning coming to that rod and going to the earth, they must discharge that anger. This is not to say that it is to be dissolved or glossed over and it must be more than that which is acknowledged. 

Many women find themselves in this interesting position now where the people that have abused them have now received their “just desserts.” They have lost their jobs, they have perhaps committed suicide, they have perhaps gone to jail or had some severe problem. The women feel this and yet recognize it is not enough. It does not by itself stop the anger. One recognizes of course immediately that this is because it is merely, "the tip of the iceberg," as the expression goes. It is an archetype that they are dealing with not one person. Because they have experienced abuse in other lifetimes and they have connected to the abuse that other women feel and they recognize the tremendous difficulty associated with this is more than any one person. That is true.

But, there is another part to this and it is the way in which they have not acknowledged in the whole of their being, that they are connected to this. When all people do this, men and women, they'll begin to recognize karma and how the law of karma works: cause and effect. They will realize that simply making amends, or doing to others in a way that you were done to, “revenge,” as the word goes, this will not in any way end the karma. It will only generate more karma. 

We have spoken about this matter in other contexts, not the #metoo movement, but other things for a few years now. The idea that as people become aware of the law of karma, as they see it and feel it, as they recognize how it works for them, they begin to grow tired of it, they begin to ask, is there another way? They look into all of the ways in which in their own heart they can shift and they recognize that there is a path out of this. 

At the moment in which the lightning rod is being discharged which is happening right now, it is very difficult to introduce this idea of that which dissolves karma of that which solves this long-term because the anger is so strong. Because the feelings of this are so profound and have existed on your planet for so long and in so many ways and because of the karma itself, it tends to get locked in, in a way in which that energy must be discharged. 

But, many of the women who are doing so have an enlightened understanding of this, a higher consciousness awareness about this that will gradually begin to come in over the next few years. The guides and helpers are inviting this and we are asking this deeper question: now that you see, now that you feel, now that you know the truth, what do you really want to happen? What do you want to happen more than that?

Oh, yes! They might say. “Oh, well, I want my abuser to apologize. I want them to receive the karma that they deserve.” But, when you ask the question, “What do you want more than that? You begin to touch on such as self, on the aspect of forgiveness and love. When you ask the question what do you want more than that? 

You begin to recognize a world where abuse does not take place or when someone is feeling the need to have power over someone else they speak about it, they recognize it and they shift it, but they do not engage it. They do not harm others. How can this take place except in the context in which there is love? There is a willingness to hear your own sense, your own feelings, your difficulty. It is alright to have your feelings and communicate them as long as you choose not to act on them. As long as you choose appropriately and more love can be present, that karma will gradually but persistently dissolve. 

It is the way in which love is that which moves so deeply into karma that it begins to change it at its core. Because at its core there was lack of love. At its core there was someone who was afraid, someone who felt powerless, someone who did not understand, someone who saw a way through by the power, by the way in which they would use that. This needs to be changed at the fundamental level in order for there to be a clearing of this, a true healing of it. 

This is beginning with some. Some women in particular and a few men are beginning to get the glimpse of this here, that simply moving the karma to the other direction, though it is helpful, though it does discharge much of the energy and seems even necessary, this is so only the beginning. More can come from this when you have the higher point of view and see what is really happening. 

There is an unfortunate negative affect to the lightning rod, to the expressing of the anger and you see this as this simple question if you use the metaphor of the lightning rod: where is it? It is a physical thing, when you think of the lightning rod. A big pole that attracts the electricity and the anger and the difficulty. Would you perhaps put it in Hollywood? That is a beginning place. Yes, of course, sexual abuse has taken place all over the world. But, it was in the big shift that occurred around the producer Weinstein that all of this suddenly coalesced. So, that is the location of the lightning bolt, the powerful energy that started it and so that energy tends to be focalizing in that energy right now.

You see the fires and the struggle associated with this, not is an energy of anybody's fault but an understanding that this energy is powerful. You will see this pattern repeated any place where this sort of thing needs to happen. In the Arab world, in several countries in Africa and in many places throughout Asia, where these energies have been long-standing and in some cases for thousands of years change needs to happen. 

But, you will also see in these places some of these secondary effects; the natural disasters, the fires in particular, the energies associated with the energy of anger as an emotion. This is there as a reminder. Can you go beyond karma? Can you come to a place eventually where you choose a more loving path to deliberately dissolve the karma because you have acknowledged that it exists?

Eventually, all of these people will die and they will be born again and many of them will come to understand this for themselves in another place. Do you want them to repeat the cycle? Do you want the abusers to be born as ones who will be abused? Or perhaps can there be a place in you willing to forgive at this larger cosmic level, at the karmic level? The question that is now just beginning to come into the collective consciousness around this issue and we don't suggest that any answer be that which is impressed-- rather, let it be a question.

In its simplest way, what do you want more than that? This question can often guide somebody who finds that whatever has occurred in the physical or in the legal system or in the way of relationships is insufficient. What do you want more than that? Where can you find your heart in this? These sorts of things are useful. At the same time over the last few years has been development of many powerful tools, many ways of introspection, better understanding, better consciousness, better awareness and one of these, “voice dialogue,” has proven itself to be very helpful. We noticed that when we look at those in which there has been success in using different techniques that you could ask the question, “why do they work?” Which one is better? For many people the idea is to try them all and work with different ones and see how far it gets you. 

Because in all cases what you are looking for is actually the same thing: a deeper revelation about your own nature, an understanding of who you are at the core. Not, as somebody else would say it but as you discover it and you truly know it. That is why you are here and that is why you took physical form to know this in a way in which you simply could not know it when you were nonphysical. So, you identify the different selves, the different parts of your own being and each of these is loved, acknowledged and you recognize how this perhaps relates not only to your physical issues but to the karma you may have generated but to your very nature. It takes you eventually to a place where you find this deeper answer to the question, “What do you want more than that? “ It takes you to a place where you realize what you are here for. The thing you are here to do. The thing that is most interesting, most healing, most fun, most profound is often linked to this deeper journey into the self. 

But, any method that allows you to come to this can be a very helpful one. For some people they simply cannot get at it directly. They have to work at it by these different techniques and ideas. Some have to take lifetimes to get there. But, there is a direct method and we've mentioned this many times and that is of course where you go right to it and you ask, “Who am I?” You ask, “Who or what is experiencing this right now?” 

Sometimes as you do this, as the answer begins to show itself to you, you do not like it. You do not understand it and you struggle with it in different ways and from this the various selves develop. The various aspects in which you can relate to it, work with it and so on. For many individuals, this is very important. They need this to learn and to do the things they need to in the world.

But, we would suggest that as you get more in touch with this not as an answer verbally, not who are you as a name, not who or what is this that you are experiencing as a description; but as a feeling, as a sense of being and as something beyond words. It is a beautiful place to come from but it is certainly in such a simple and direct approach, also somehow not easy for most people. We see that the majority simply struggle with, “I don't know.” It is uncomfortable for them. They want to know and it is as if sitting in that place of, “I don't know,” exactly where you are, this itself provides a powerful opening like a beautiful flower that finally opens to receive the sun that has always been there.

December 21, 2017

The Afterlife/ The Extra Physical Hometown: the one question Hilarion wouldn't answer for me
Lori: I've been trying to go to my extra physical hometown in the Afterlife. Can you please tell me about my extra physical hometown?
Hilarion: that is limited information since you would naturally have all kinds of predisposed notions about this that would be so easily influenced and your desire is strong: both the positive and negative about sharing such information as it could be harmful in your process at this stage. What have been your experiences so far?
Lori: Nothing. I asked my spirit guides when I go to sleep, to take me to my extra physical hometown and I never remember my dreams.
Hilarion: so it would be valuable therefore to remember your dreams. This is easily done by setting your clock to wake you up at 3 AM and grab a notebook and start writing. Grab the tape recorder and start dictating, whatever. As you are in the habit of this, it will help. The "Magic Water Technique," because of some aspects of childlike attitude will be helpful. So, you put a little glass of water beside your bed and you have a little sip of that before you sleep and as you do this you use magical incantation; wave your arms about, make a funny noise and say out loud, this magic water will help me remember my dreams, or whatever incantation you want to make up.
You can either make it rhyme if you wish and then when you wake up at 3 AM have a sip as you recall this or have an idea of it. Simple, silly. But the mind is easily tricked this way. In addition is the energization before going back to sleep that you energize. You can run energy up and down the body as in, "vibrational state," as described in books by Vieira. You can use the N.E.W technique in books such as Astro Dynamics by Robert Bruce, but energy is moved.
When you find yourself asleep that is the time for extra physical hometown, not before falling asleep. You see, the guides don't actually take you there. They can hint, they can push, they can help a little but it is your energy that takes you there. So, the key is that first you are creating a target location. Think of a place not too far away, but it must be at least 13 feet away and that is your target location. It can be imaginary but it is better if it is an actual physical location. Be it a park bench, rooftop, greenhouse, location in the park, whatever.
You imagine yourself going there as you fall asleep. When you find yourself asleep and the energy again moving just like you did when you fell asleep, that is a place you think of. Don't think about your body or your extra physical hometown, think about your target location. Sit there for a moment and then you say clearly,” take me now to my extra physical hometown.” You can be speaking to your astral body, to your guides and helpers, to God, to the nature of the Universe, it doesn't matter. Or you can re-create this in your present tense, “I am now in my extra physical hometown.”
The idea of this is to journey there. Sometimes the imagination of water will be helpful and the areas of this that can be stimulating to you, be it an ocean or a lake, a place where you had a view of the water would certainly be helpful, we are permitted to say that. To go much further would be difficult but because you have asked we are permitted to help out a little. If where possible, your visualization of the Emerald energy, and having us standing by you and holding a hand, looking in the general direction or whatever is helpful then we pledge to do so and we will continue with this as long as you ask. The intent simply being to encourage and assist in this process. 

Sorry, we can't be much more helpful than that but you are just beginning your explorations in this arena and there are many more books to read, many more areas to explore and we strongly suggest you continue with this as it has already been noted. Each thing that you are assimilating and working with takes you a further step in that direction.
In particular you might look at Terrill Willson's book, “How I Learned to Soul Travel.” Also, of course the N.E.W. section in “Astral Dynamics.” But, in addition to this you may be attracted to many of the other aspects of literature about these matters. Stephen Laberge has extensive material on lucid dreaming. This is also helpful because it shows you that you can indeed tune into the dream state more easily. Beyond this we are very much drawn to pull down some lines here and stop so that you'll have a chance to take a few steps forward as this is actually a critical period in your own evolution.