Tuesday, November 24, 2015

What Did I Do In a Past Life That Makes Me An Aquarian in This Life?


Lori: I read in your book that a person’s astrological sign is based on something from a previous life. So please tell me why I am an Aquarius in this life? (I also have my north node in Aquarius in my third house).

Hilarion: There are many aspects of this that have contributed but you are correct in recognizing that this is not only an important contributing lifetime but also what could be considered a doorway lifetime. This occurred toward the later period of an important Atlantean incarnation so far as a number of other individuals were concerned.

You had influence over a group, though not the leader of the group, still in a position of some authority. This was a leadership position that charted out two avenues simultaneously, the more spiritual and the more physical. These were to be brought into people’s consciousness through movement, partly through dance, partly through body awareness, but also through the voice. During this time period however, you became confronted with a series of obstacles, primarily societal in nature, though some relating to family and that of others who you were close to.

These obstacles laid for you the groundwork for many avenues of esoteric study that were to come in subsequent lifetimes. How to interpret various aspects of what society was struggling with, issues of religion versus science, issues of technology and its appropriate utilization, issues of how people could accept their own higher spirituality, come to terms with their own sense of themselves. Their own ability to love others, respect themselves, find themselves in various positions of challenge and many other matters.

During this time period you recognized that there was something that emerged from you that you began to relish or enjoy. It was a little like what happens when you are in a position of leadership but you weren’t actually leading. It was as if a thought form or an energy which was somehow available in your consciousness.

It created a pattern, or a way in which people could relate to each other by your words, by your actions, by your movements, by the things that you taught others, by various ways this eventually was received, communicated to them and in filling out this vision, actually becoming a part of it, the people themselves grew. This was somehow satisfying, it enabled you to go on. There were, as you are aware towards the end of the Atlantean epic many obstacles, some of physical nature that confronted the people there.

Some of these difficulties relating to discoveries in science and technology were not properly used. You had many ways of bringing questions and understanding to consciousness about this, bringing new ways of working with these possibilities. But more importantly the sense that together people could do more. Together an establishment of consciousness could be placed.

This is one of the hallmarks of the symbol associated with Aquarius--the very idea that you can lead without leading. That an energy could be established that you could launch, welcome, be a part of, but then get out of the way. Let it simply flow in its own way. As a result of this have a great deal of satisfaction, love, enjoyment, hope and have the sense that you had contributed something useful, beautiful, helpful and so on.

At the same time as knowing all of those energies there were some profound influences associated with the star Al Deberan. Here with the bringing together of many important new energies relating to the relationship of the birth of a new society out of some of the visions and ideas of the old society were made available to you.

You were not always able to understand these visions or these ideas and you brought this to the attention and understanding of others. To your dismay some of those things that you brought forth in innocence were misused. Used in ways that could not necessarily have to do with the underlying way in which you brought these initially, the way in which they could be ultimately helpful or beneficial to others. Although this was a message from the stars, it was that which was somehow to be interpreted by human beings. To be felt or known in some positive or helpful way.

The result of this was that some of the energies that you saw as having tremendous potential to birth a new society were brought to you, through you and of course to many others, yet ignored by society. Energy and understanding not only denied but in some cases used to cause harm or difficulty to the lives of animals and certain people. During this time period there was for you, the awareness and attunement to other lifetimes. Reincarnation was well known and understood. But at the same time there were many blocks that were naturally placed when lifetimes had a strong emotional component.

Because the technology was fairly well developed in this phase, the opportunity to experience other lifetimes by purely technological means was available to you and of course many other people. This showed you a lifetime, in fact several, in your future, from that time looking forward in time. You began to see some lives, where through superstition, fear, mere ignorance, because awareness of past lives within you was not present, you did not accept this at all.

That in those lifetimes there was as if a shutting away or denial of some of the enlightenment, understanding and even the technology that was available to you in Atlantis. This troubled you and you recognized that there would be times where you would eventually need to overcome that. It was not so much a window or vision into this life specifically but into the generalities similar to this and recent lifetimes where you would consider some of the past life activities that you then began a simple process of focus.

You are then seeing this doorway as being able to enter into any time period you wish forward or back. You can use the metaphor of multiple doorways if you wish. But in Atlantis you utilized the single crystal with the idea that the doorway itself would change. Opening then to any arena, any time that you chose. This is a literal interpretation of the doorway concept. But the basic idea is simply that you would begin by an awareness of that sense of Atlantis.

Many times this is personified nicely by some of the sets utilized in Superman I by the planet Krypton. The intent simply being that some of those sets can remind you of those energies. They are not by any means precise, but the scriptwriters were very much tuned into their Atlantean incarnations when they projected this scenery and various crystalline structures associated with the screenplay.

Having the very idea that for your future self something helpful, valuable about investigation into past lives would be useful, not just for you but for other people and for ways in which the energies about past lives in of itself could be in a new context and so on.

It was also recognized by your consciousness that there would inevitably be a fallback. A time where you would have to push away from this energy, use it up to a certain level, stop and investigate it again. Of course this is part of the nature of this experience- looking into those avenues and understanding.

Astrology is purely symbolic when utilized as a crosscurrent for the various realities exposed through past life regression. After all you would not want to incarnate with the same astrological set every time. But it has been noted here that in many incarnations where Aquarius figures prominently either in important connections in your chart, or as sun, moon, rising, this has been a pivotal, important time of learning, understanding, and awareness.


Saturday, November 21, 2015

Does Karma Created in the Extreme Have to be Balanced in the Extreme?

Hilarion: Explain "have to" as you perceive it.

Lori: To experience it so I can learn from it. 
Hilarion: Very good. Yes. Absolutely. Experience it as you can learn from it will be tremendously helpful and does not in and of itself require another establishment of cause-and-effect cycle does it? You could experience it in love. You could experience it simply as itself, no action necessary, no emotion generated. You cannot repress that, however, if you do, cause-and-effect sequence starts.

Instead, noting, observing, being aware and experiencing through observation, neutrality and then always bringing to it some aspect of your being that is associated with your observational process at the level by which you choose it consciously. Yes, the observer is always affecting the experiment, do not resist that but choose consciously how you will affect the experiment. You will cradle it in the arms of love. You will hold it in the place of the highest spiritual manifestation for all beings in all dimensions in all multi-verses or some such phrase or idea as it could reach your own heart.

In this way you have then the opportunity as a result of the experience to dissolve the karma. Literally, stop the sequence of cause-and-effect or at the minimum transform it so that the cause has a great more degree of love; interacting with it, some aspects of that which you would see as desirable in the way in which you perturbed the experiment, your observation in the way in which it is observed.

Typically though in the way you phrased this, most people would go in a different direction. They would interpret that in the “have to” you will then generate more karma. You will "have to" balance it, work with it, make it right with somebody else, learn from it as a result of your own pain, your own struggle or perhaps your own pleasure. But, in that is that sense that you are simply experiencing it so when you use your words quite literally exactly as you stated them, yes, very helpful.


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Hilarion Puts the Kibosh on This Definition of Karma

Lori: Could I say that karma is simply energy regulated by the chakras? (that would imply it is entirely self generated and without judgment)
Hilarion: No. Karma is very clearly and simply defined and that which is regulated by the chakras would inherently tie it to something of the nature of intelligence, or a person, or an animal that had chakras. Bacteria have quite rudimentary chakras but clearly are capable of generating karma. So karma is cause and effect, it is that which is present in the entire universe by its own nature of coming into existence and can indeed go on without any human or other intelligent interaction.
But, at the same time, because of cause and effect constantly interacting, and effects leading to more cause and so on, intelligence inevitably arises from this interaction. This is how intelligent life and the repository for life at the physical level then gives rise for the opportunity for intelligence and souling and so on arises.
Hence, karma is neither that which is to be feared or revered but merely one of the most important functions of the nature of physicality.

This allows you to step outside it and recognize that in the generation of personal karma, karmic vector, that which has magnitude and direction associated with your life and so on, that inherent within this are many aspects that are clearly non-emotional, non-personal, not relating to belief patterns but indeed those which are indicative of the universe and its own nature.
Those aspects that can then can be released because you cannot see a way in which ultimately they are personally derived from you. This sometimes assists individuals as they come into what might be called, “karma clearing.” Which is a way in which the effects that are going to create all kinds of issues in your life are then going to be dissolved. There is an attempt to do this in a primitive understanding of karma where you're simply going to absorb it, work with it, come to some deeper understanding about it and then as best you can try to balance it. You will inevitably fail and there will be some balancing but there will also be some creating of a new cause and effect and it goes on and on.
Whereas, in this way of accepting it and receiving it and working with it from the place of love, one can literally dissolve it. At some point one reaches the place in which the observation of the physical universe and the tremendous tendencies for cause and effect to have significant influence on the physical universe is accepted without immediate need to cause. In other words, you see how it works, but you choose not to be involved. At some point you would probably choose to be involved at such a level of conscious involvement you would see an entirely different sequence to a life, which is typically that which gives rise to karma of course, in the way in which you have a personal hand in the matter.
So, from such a place, a conscious incarnation, a conscious life recognizing every facet of cause and effect and every way in which you choose that the cause is not accidental, not that which you have perhaps come to by emotion, or impulse or as more commonly, the reaction; the cause and the effect from previous, etc. But, rather that which you are choosing as an essence, as a pure karmic intention that which will resound in the universe.
This allows one to choose but does not in and of itself give you the deeper lesson. The lesson is often received when you use the talents and capabilities you have to dissolve karma. When you're working with it to understand it, to forgive it, to understand the nature of the cause, and to see of its true essence, but will usually be involved with a feeling. Some aspect of a powerful energetic within you is released when the feeling is present.
If that feeling is that of a powerful, helpful, unconditional, assisting love, often what comes out of this is something truly valuable. But, most uncommonly of course, the emotion is that which eventually leads to more karma. The obvious examples to this such as revenge, or resentment or anger-based energies have their obvious results immediately and immediately present in the world, and immediately affecting all in the world such as the immediate effects of war which you are seeing in the news everyday.
But, is it possible by your own understanding of this, and the opportunities afforded by the gold ray, the way in which that energy is eventually transmitted back to humanity, to change this, to make it in such a way that people realize the choice they have. This is a fundamental question of your soul and that of many of the people interested in this matter and is one good reason for sticking around on planet Earth.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Deja Vu

Please describe and explain the mechanism behind and the purpose of the phenomena known as, "deja vu."
Hilarion: This process is one that is becoming more and more common. One definition of it is a sense, perhaps as a feeling sense, but sometimes as a knowingness or an intuition. That what has just occurred or is unfolding is something that is familiar to you, that which you already know. There are those who would say that this relates to various aspects of patterning or planning from past lives, but our observation of this is something completely different. Time as you understand it is that which seems, at least on the surface of it, to have a connectedness through the clocks of your planet. But how often have you said, "How odd, time seems to be moving very quickly right now." Or, "It just is really dragging here." Perhaps even about some of our words to you today.

But as you understand and work with this energy you begin to recognize that, that sense of subjectiveness is the truth. And that the consensus reality of the simultaneous clocks is actually the consciousness of people that have agreed to set these things into motion. That true consciousness where it relates to time is exceptionally mutable, changeable, and that which is affected very much by your mood, your emotions, your awareness, your consciousness on so many levels.

With this observation, it is a simple leap in understanding to the blending of time for the future into the present. And the past into the present as well. This is occurring naturally, but occurring more and more with each passing day. Sorry for the conundrum there since each passing day refers to time. But the truth of this relates to your own evolution, that as humanity evolves, humanity's ability to more consciously manipulate time, is inevitable. Sorry again for the pun on time with the word inevitable.

What you begin to recognize is that the English language itself is so firmly founded, created and based on time, even for the bringing of the syntax of past, or present, or future conjugations of verbs. Eventually for your own consciousness what you'll recognize here is that deja vu relates to your ability to leap through time, to receive its future, to receive the energy as it blends into the now. And that this is occurring often when deja vu occurs for an important reason - something for you to learn, something for you to grow with.

However, we have commented in the past on a very specific technique you can use to increase your ability to understand time and work with it more consciously. When you apply this same technique at the very moment in which deja vu is occurring, you will find that many times this accelerates and increases. This can be difficult of course. Some individuals respond to deja vu with fear. The hair-on-the-back-of-the-neck syndrome. Or various ways in which it is confusing to them, or in which they feel disoriented or have some difficulty. But if you enjoy deja vu, this technique may be helpful.

The technique that we have described in the past when utilized often also tends to increase opportunities for this because you are then opening to your future and your past. It is a perfect question to ask however after a focusing on the now sort of meditation, because you begin to recognize that you create the now as an acceptance, as a willingness to know the deeper love, and you create the energies of past and future as a distraction to teach you something, to allow you some separation, some resistance, something to work against. And in this way you can step back from it more often and laugh at it more often.

For a specific suggestion with regards to the past, present and future blending, is to think of your future self. Recognize that that is a being. Perhaps you could imagine this as a being meditating, somewhere around March 21st of 2005, tuning into powerful energies and transmitting them back to you. Perhaps to another being, sometime perhaps in 2012, understanding, wise, learned, understanding so many things you cannot hope to understand now, yet, loving you, projecting an energy back in time to you now.

Similarly though, think of you three years ago. Perhaps a time in which in March of 1999, you needed a little help, a little encouragement or a little awakening. Or any time about three years ago. And then as if now, with your experience, your learning, your understanding, project that energy now to that being. Now think of somebody even further in your past - you, about ten years ago, and send that same being that same loving energy, that you energy now still to that being who does not know what is to come. Perhaps blissfully ignorant of the various changes to unfold, or in a place ready to receive, or to be encouraged to move through a place of suffering or struggle. In the middle of this, you are then acting as a sort of guide for energies from your future self and your past self. When you do a similar meditation, tuning into a being in the past being particularly powerful, in the time of deja vu you are receiving a future energy after all, you will find that this accelerates the process. And it may help you have a little deeper understanding as to what can be received as you awaken to this energy.

Many times the specifics about this are gauged in symbolism, understood through metaphor, difficult to work with. Don't worry about that. When the deja vu experience occurs, if you amplify it slightly by thinking of yourself in the past, of an energy associated perhaps with some positive, resourceful energy you can pour to yourself in your past, the essence of the deja vu experience may begin to occur to you. You may find that as it intensifies, that there is something deeper to learn, something deeper to trust.

You will usually find that somewhere deep in the experience can be more love and if this can be felt somehow in the body. If it can be shared as a kinesthetic feeling, as a warmth or a lightness, or some positive energy, you will usually find it teaches you more and does not do so immediately. It may come into your dream that night, or into some other experiences. But understand this - that as this goes on for life, as people get closer and closer to times of great change, so will this experience of the blending of the future and the past be easier for people, and simultaneously you may become less and less attached to it. More and more aware of the now, of the presence, of the light and the love that is always with you.


Sunday, November 1, 2015

Transcending Karma and the Superconductive State

**This is an excerpt from the universal laws CD recorded July 12, 1989

Q. Being in the experience of the full flow of your potential. In that state are you transcending karma completely?

Hilarion: what usually occurs for that moment is that a process by which karma is burned, changed, transformed, released, etc. begins. The longer you remain in a state the more choice you have about which karma you burn up and the more direction you have then as to how that karmic vector is aimed and changed; moved into other dimensions, shortened and so on. That's an analogy, yes. But what's actually occurring then during that period usually within the first microsecond, a significant amount of karmic shifting takes place. Then, that which has sifted to the top as the most important to be released at that time will usually be released. Then for most individuals they return to the normal conscious state and that's the end of it.

But as the state is continued, this sifting begins to have consciousness associated with it and you begin to see the direction that you can move in, in this releasing of these energies. Let's give an example of this that is relatively mechanical. This thing called “Kriya Yoga,” that brings change into individuals by techniques of meditation and breath. This does allow in a person a very brief moment of this; this superconductive state. This usually is at the points at the end of the breath but sometimes occurs in the middle of them. During those points which may last for perhaps two or three microseconds, a year or so of past life negative karma is burned up. It isn't that precise of course but by and large the analogy holds and indeed a significant amount of past life negative karma is then changed.

What happens to that? It is actually transformed. It is turned then from the cause that it was originally into the effect, the effect is understood in a deep way often within the heart of the being, within the soul. The lesson is learned on some level then causation is created out of phase with the effect in such a way that it returns to cause. The causation is then known by the individual and that purpose is magnified within them as they continue that purpose and continue with the magnification of that potential, they have the strength to continue with this work. Many times it is at that point that they drop it. It is too much. I am that wonderful? I am really God? I am really that energy that loves with that limitless way that is the Christ? Of course. So it is so hard for you to accept this not as in, “Oh, yes I am.” But, of course. Not as in, well, I must be if so and so said I am. But, just, of course. So it is from such a place where the oneness with the principle is known, that the principle itself then does not require effect. Causation is not necessary. That which is, is a part of your being and that is enough.

So then, gradually that causation principle dissolves and the potential itself emerges beautifully. This continues in that which is of the highest benefit and is of an enlightened state and so on. But, a microsecond at a time usually isn't enough to reach the state in which you are dealing with it on a conscious level. But, it sure helps. Then to have an experience of it and to recognize that there is truth in this and that you are being changed by it and all of these things reminds you of this deeper and deeper of this interaction at the karmic level. So, that is why Kriya Yoga is so beautiful. So it is then with these other techniques that create superconductive states and there are so many of them; including great ecstasy and joy; including ways of just laughter; including times in which sadness turns to tears of joy and times of all sorts of meditative techniques; physical body techniques; ways of working with other people in which interaction is of the highest and so on and so forth, on and on.

So then, it is not so much that the karma is perfectly balanced or it is released. That happens, too. But, it is the sense that it is transformed back into its original essence, its cause and that it is known and it is enough. Then, you might ask, well then, from such a state where all karma is burned up, wouldn't life be terribly boring? Wouldn't there be nothing to do? No rights to make wrong? No wrongs to make right and no ways to interact with others?  Yes! That boredom is delightful for the first few milliseconds and then that love usually emerges because you are human and this is then obviously lovingly shared with others and the universe because of what and who you are.

You have choice about this too, you don't have to do that. But, you may find it quite wonderful so that is what you choose. At such a point it is very difficult to talk about things without cause and effect. It is hard to say then without cause then there is a reaction as when we speak of the beings in the Pleiades being very happy that you got enlightened. But, yet it is not through the principle of causation but the lifting of causes; the lifting of the source that they know for a moment that something wonderful has happened. As if then for a moment in the entire universe, everyone has a little bit of their karma lifted when one person reaches enlightenment;  particularly a human.