Thursday, October 29, 2015

Karma of Addiction

**This information was recorded July 12, 1989.

Q. Please comment on karma and the addictive process especially addictions as we’ve seen them operate at the societal level, as we see them in this country today.

Hilarion: it is important here and it is more a little bit with the law of opposite expression that these things can be dealt with of course. Where there is great light, there is great darkness and the drugs will then come into fool you about such things. A wonderful example about this that someone is now discovering is this drug ecstasy, MDNA. A way in which there is then great darkness because what is pulled out of you is the potential for great light. That is wonderful while you feel it. But, such potential then having been robbed from your being prevents you from making those steps forward. Then it is a way by which you come to know yourself through these drugs. A great resistance is usually felt. Tremendous addiction then of a psychological nature or physical nature as is true with cigarettes and then with as might be true of crack cocaine.

Those are two wonderful examples of those which give the most powerful physical addiction and that the most powerful of these psychological addictions. Crack, being that of psychological. Then what you understand by in the way in which these drugs operate within you is that they allow a state of denial to take place. The tunnel vision becomes very, very focused on the sense of euphoria or change in the body or on the drug itself or on the reaction to it, on the negative, on that which you feel when you do not have the drug and you do not have an experience of yourself.

Then, what is generated by this, is of course karma because there is a cause, the taking of the drug in the first place and there is an effect, the addictive process. For some individuals there aren't usually too many of these but there are a few. They will be exposed to the drug, they will have the reaction that everyone else has and they are not addicted. They will simply decide that was nice and they go on from there.

Now, this is of course more true with those drugs that are not terribly addicting by their very nature. But, even with those that we have mentioned this can occur because the individual in the past has no need to balance that particular karma.

Yet, If you look into your history you will find that many of the individuals who decided that they were more powerful than others, smarter than others, perhaps able then to draw from them without their complete understanding have been in places where they were involved in the drug process; its sale, its cultivation, or in many cases the sharing of it with others in a way in which that person received money or other wonderful rewards.

So, there are walking amongst you of course the Walter Raleigh’s and the Chinese warlords and the beings from long past that have dealt with the opium trade and those who have dealt with even more powerful forms of addiction in Atlantis and even in Lemuria. Yes, these things did occur though in much smaller levels than you are currently understanding and not so much with drugs substances specifically but with those attitudes and ways of being that created limitations.

So then, this is a past life karma that many of the brightest and the smartest among you must deal with. So you must then come to this place in which you deal with the addictions in which when you try the drug, it's all over. You fall into this pattern and it is exactly along the line of what we spoke of before. If that resistance, if that thing which would stand in front of you is that which you cannot work with, then in the next life it must come back to you a little bit bigger, a little heavier, or a little more difficult.

So, then you can see that the drugs substances available now are more addictive and more difficult than those available ten years ago. This trend will likely continue and there will be new discoveries along this line twenty years from now and so on. Yet, the principle still applies. Those who you will note have overcome the addiction, have released it, have understood the lesson of it or in some way have not dealt with that substance. In other words, they are not under its influence anymore.

Now, this takes a period of time depending on each drug to be cleansed from the physical body, of course. But, when they are no longer under the influence of it you note that they are the most creative, they are the brightest, they are the strongest, they have a great deal to learn. You may also notice that a number of them may be fairly tall in stature; by and large most of them will not be. This is not because early use of the drug stunted their growth. It is because again the karmic message here, that they have had certain pieces of themselves lost in past lifetimes; certain lifetimes of great difficulty and they are bending and balancing this as well.

Let us look at the opposite by which drugs are simply one example. Physical abuse to the body, ways in which there is direct harm or chronic ailments or particular mutations or difficulty with the physical body are often all those same things that are balancing karma that one simply does to release the karma from the past. You elect that. So, you have the limp, or the particular tendency toward one difficulty or you even have the drug addiction. This is something you must work with in your life and deal with so that you may balance that past life karma.

Does this then open a door for you? It depends how you look at it. If you see it as destiny that is pushing you ahead it doesn't really do you much good to do the past life regression and see yourself selling opium to the masses or whatever. But, if this allows you a freedom where you may have a new perspective on this and may seek not just rehabilitation for drug addicts or for yourself. But, a new perspective for those who would sell this or some way in which they might understand more of what they are doing. Not just harsher penalties or other ways in which they may be punished.

You may then make a little contribution to your own way of understanding as if then projecting some forgiveness into your own life. In other words, that path which seems unrelated, all off to one side, nothing to do directly with head on dealing with drug addiction is now brought to you by intuition, by spiritual impulse, by that of past life regression, by the new technique, by neural linguistic programming or whatever it is. In working with it you release some of the pent up energy around the lesson.

You recognize it again for yourself and you see with the eyes of your heart and in that moment you have a chance. These chances are pushed into you by your guides, by the people who love you, by those who care for you and by all the opportunities as in all of these developing twelve step groups around such addictions with sex and love, with addictions to even such as money which may eventually develop and of course to drugs, alcohol, and so on. These are opportunities being pushed at you. But, even then the vision can be so narrow, so focused on the drug substance or the particular addiction that you cannot see it.

Thus, for the lifetime after this it will be a little bit harder for the individual which is very sad. So then, another reason why you have the urge within you when you have overcome your own addiction, when you have come to understand this more deeply in yourself. You then have the urge to share it; to cement the principle within yourself, to know that this it is real and to get support from others. But, it is also that you know in your heart that this way for others must be lifted from their shoulders a little if you can possibly help them. If you can possibly share it because the next time it will be that much more difficult.

This is compassion and it is a way then in which the full understanding of karma actually comes to bear. Because then your love is a part of your existence and your being. This is why we have said so often of the great difficulty in the purely karmic point of view that simply says then if it is their destiny or their karma to have such difficulty it is none of my affair and I'm not going to help. You will have accelerated potential, accelerated chance for the point of superconductivity that lifts your own karma when you reach a state of great compassion, forgiveness, health, inspiration or assistance with other beings.

You don't necessarily feel it if what you've had of course were thousands of lifetimes of difficulty but it will help a little. That is why the doing of great deeds and the helping of others is much more than altruism or something that looks good on your resume. It is a way then by which you actually assist yourself in this path. So, what we have attempted to do is move from the very specific around the substances themselves into the greater issues involved.

Now bringing in the sense of karma for the individual for more choices and then allowing the individuals who have transcended this to continue that expression so that the lifting of karma also continues within their being. This is more than the answer to your question and the specifics. But, it is important because it draws in these other aspects.