Tuesday, October 3, 2017

What Was My Very First Lifetime?

Hilarion: That is a difficult question. You would think that would be very simple because it is that which would seem to be tracked but the nature of this has to do with conglomeration, separation and so on. One can see oneness; a single soul that which is the initial spark of humanity existing in a similar function to, as you understand it today, the kingdom of the air. In this there was a oneness but at the same time an opportunity for separation. This was indeed your first incarnation. 

This is not to say that it was an incarnation at all in the truest sense because there is not by any means death in the similar sense. But, there was some individualization and during that time period which existed indeed millions of years ago was an awareness of consciousness that you are somehow here. You exist. You are alive. You can observe other consciousness's and yet those other consciousness were almost as much as you. 

In this way, the big question began, “Who am I? What is the nature of existence. The I am, existence question.” It is this deeper holding of the question itself that promotes the individualization and as a result of this you then went through a sequence that led you eventually to an incarnation in the series of dinosaurs. There was a preference for Triceratops; some of these with other creatures; even one incarnation as an early mammal, one of the early equine series in that time period. 

But, as a result of this there was a powerful focusing on many aspects of violence and understanding the body, understanding things having to do with the very nature of being. There were of course intertwined with this several so-called, “vacation lifetimes,” where you incarnated as a mountainous region and understanding of this was important to you. You had a brief period working with this but as soon as you had any acquaintance with this you were so curious about the animal life that you quickly transferred to this. 

So, the attunement to this has a certain romanticism to you. The sense of the mountain itself, not so much what it looks like, as much as what it feels like. Then the awareness of coming back into various forms of animal life. 

Then, after a period of incarnating in several star systems, working with Pleiadian energy at various junctures, understanding of Sirian (Sirius), of working with several guides and helpers associated with the earth, you began a series of incarnations in human form in which you became more aware of what it was like. Certainly, there was a lot of struggle. In some of these incarnations there was an attunement to violence and death that was simply about survival. 

But, along the way you began to glimpse at various times extraterrestrials who came to earth to help and you would learn and understand about worship. You would work through different aspects in your own consciousness but eventually you came to an appreciation of the intellect. That those in other tribes who were successful as a result of their intellect and their understanding and awareness of the simplest things in life through nature, fire, water, construction, doing things, making things different, the use of tools; all of this eventually gave to you a deeper appreciation.

Then, you begin a series where there was incarnation associated with the developing civilization in Lemuria. The island of Lemuria had within it a number of individuals who had come along a similar path.They were part of your soul family, those you were close to and yet at the same time there was an awareness that it was not necessary to incarnate in this fashion.

So, it was easy for you to move in and out of a body as a way of understanding. After awhile with this, you became fascinated with the budding Atlantean civilization and this began the series of incarnations which eventually led you to where you are now. 

As all of these sorts of energies can be understood through your current filter it would likely be misinterpreted. Many times that which would be seen as a conglomerate, a soul that is more than any single individual would be interpreted by you as an individualization and that is not true at all. It didn't feel like it and it didn't seem like it. The very nature of moving in and out, that is of incarnating itself. Many aspects of this were not at all what they would seem today. 

It would appear that you would have something physical, something strong, something associated with reality. But, it isn't actually that the level between what is perhaps the physical and non-physical was some way blended. That is how you would look at it today. In point of fact, there is a oneness to all of it that is simply born out by science that the nature of all of it is empty space. The majority of that which you would call, “reality,” or “solid,” or “real,” is empty space. Most of that is illusion. It is that which is constructed as the energetic matrix and you relate to it as being hard or real and as a result of that, it becomes so for you. This is very difficult to break free of to the point that you are able to accept this in your reality as long as you are in a body. 

This influences profoundly so much of it and that is the underlying reason that drew you in the very first place in the kingdom of the air; to choose to incarnate and to have a body and to make things more real for yourself. It brought you into a place in which you could respect this and understand it and work with it and in this way better know yourself.

Now, that is why we rarely answer this question, why some would ask, “what was my first lifetime?” and all of that. It is a blending and a gradual maturing bit by bit more than it is a singularity. 

You could ask, “What was the first lifetime where I had a name?” Certainly you would not have had a name as a mountain or in the kingdom of air or as a dinosaur; despite what some of the theories might say about this. But, in the way in which you named yourself in coming into a physical body you had an awareness of life though it was somewhat animal in nature. There was self-awareness and in this you named yourself, “Hua,” which would be pronounced today but spelled HUA. As this, you had opportunity in working with other people who recognized you and called you by this name. At that time there were others who did not have names and it was the primary distinction that you found which of course relates to individualization and an awareness of how those energies might move and change. 

There were times when you, even after this incarnation, had incarnations without a name. But, as you were able to individualize and recognize this, the choosing of a name became important as it is even today. 


What Exactly Is A Karmic Vector and What Is Going On With Mine?

Hilarion: Vector by definition: magnitude that is in its illustration its size, its amplitude, how strong it is and direction. The area that it is focused in. In its simplest form, this relates to forces that act upon working with some physical body. 

But, the karmic vector is that which relates to the actions of your soul. In what direction is it trying to accelerate? Evolve? Learn? How strong and in what areas as it focuses in, does it draw in the assistance of others? Does it strengthen itself in forcing this energy forward? We mentioned this already with the service path. As that which gives the direction in the most simplest of binary fashion: the plus or minus similar to the number line which has the positive numbers and the negative numbers. So many are focused on the negative numbers but as you're focusing toward the positive and seeing of the benefit of service to others you then begin to further define and work with this. 

Thus, your karmic vector focuses on the ways in which communication, be it through information, bringing through of new ideas, finding more profound ways to affect people's consciousness etc. might be that which brings forth a greater truth. 

In this sense, you could say that the karmic vector’s direction is very much focused on the truth. But, along the way you have observed the important interactions with your karmic vector by which your consciousness affects the way in which you are working these things out. The way in which the observer so to speak affects the experiment. In this way you understand the relative nature of truth and so the further definition of this is the understanding of this at a deeper level within you. 

The magnitude of this, now we have focused on the direction, now the magnitude of this seems to be mostly powered by the energies that are associated with compassion, with love, with something that when in a physical body is activated by the heart. That it is the heart energy that provides over and over the impetus to go forward with this. In this fashion the manifestation of truth with love, or love with truth will show up in various ways as the direction that all of this energy tends to move. 

It is not necessary to do it that way of course. Heart energy can be omnidirectional and work in so many different areas to assist others, to find soothing or caring, to form relationships, to work in energetic fashion in so many different areas and so on and so on. But, in the way in which your karmic vector seems to over and over pierce through, make a breakthrough, move these energies more profoundly in one direction or another. It appeared that your focus on something became so very important. 

As a result of this you have a great deal of respect for the very nature of focus. To see a project through to its completion, to work in a particular area, to do things in a way in which you can by repeated focus make something happen. This sort of thing has been very important and will likely continue. 

You could see that karmic vector is more of an expression than a specific. But, we like to use these terms in a way so that people might acknowledge a little more of the logical and mathematical side of seeing things since this often leads to other things. In this case, the most important aspect has not been asked about. Someday, people will ask about the interaction of multiple karmic vectors and they will ask about karmic vector space as that which is constructed in multiple dimensions similar to the way in which vector space can be constructed in three dimensions. But, you do not have that limit as you can have so many different directions and the ways in which these interactions can lead to a resultant vector. 

Because that is the purpose of the vector model and analogy in math. That two vectors interact in some way in which a third factor is formed which is the complete, not partial, but the complete sum of the component parts. In this way, you understand, through karmic vector: relationship. A relationship in which various energetics can form something new. There is no limit on this, it can be two vectors or 20 or 5000. As these can interact in their ways something new can be observed and worked with this. That is a hint of what is to come with the karmic vector concept.