Thursday, November 6, 2014

Dissolving Personal Karma

Lori: What other questions should I be asking about karma? Help me out here.

Hilarion: You see, ultimately the dissolving of karma is that which relates to your life, other people, life on earth and so on and so forth. But, not the dissolving of karma in the universe, rather it is a way in which that dissolving is empowering, showing you there are other places to come from. Therefore, it always comes back to practices and doing-ness.

A question such as what practices would be helpful at perfecting, improving, knowing my own abilities to dissolve karma? Often times imaginative play here is very wonderful and it is always easier with the small stuff, something around which you don't have a lot of emotional charge. But what you'll find over and over is that when the emotion shows up, which is often the energetic that makes it so difficult to dissolve karma, it works out very well. In the process of this if you can identify any holding, any energetic that is saying, I don't want to, or more powerfully, “I won’t,” or even more powerfully, “get the hell out of here or shut up.” In other words, a powerful energy that is in resistance is often a powerful indicator.

At the same time you'll note that when the energy is allowed to move freely, in a way in which it doesn't hurt anybody, primarily by various processes that are focused on acknowledgment, noticing where it is in the body, making it stronger so you really sense it and letting it go by various processes such as moving to an energetic associated with letting go. Looking at, who or what is experiencing this now? Or the phrase, “could I just let it go?” or whatever.

Eventually you come to a place where the microcosmic experience that is the inner experience just for you of karmic balancing through love, becomes more real. In this experience the emotion associated with that which has the obvious opportunity to do all kinds of bad stuff in the world by the cause and effect principle. You would just like to get out there and do something with it, that emotional impetus, it disappears because the thing and its opposite are both held in equality in your consciousness.

One process that does this is that which is described in Ardagh’s book, “Let Yourself Go,” an audio learning course where you have the thing and its opposite and all of the emotion associated with both of these, felt fully until they balance out, until finally you come to look at whatever the issue is with total dispassion, total relaxation. This does not dissolve the karma, it takes a step towards it because it shows you about the entire issue.

But, you are that close. The next step is can you love all of it? Can you love the energetic that took you into the issue? Can you love the nature of this? Can you find a loving forgiveness for all of it in some way? This cannot be done when within the emotional context, the energetics are strong because what they'll tend to do every time is pull you into some causation, some way in which you feel the effect of it, some way in which you want to do something. Indeed, it is In this place, #1 of being-ness,  and # 2 of love that the actual dissolution will take place.

The beautiful thing about it is as some might say, “it can't hurt.” Even if you only take steps in that direction, if you only do a little toward this forgiveness the karmic burden is reduced even if it is not dissolved. It is that which is helpful, gives you more insight and helps you take steps in that direction but most importantly can significantly reduce the causation in the universe, more specifically on the earth for the other people who are involved in this.

This therefore leads to the answer to this question which is: in the place of dispassion, of being, of emptiness around that which there was some strong emotion, hence the tendency, possibility and probably the likelihood of generating more karma, can you access love? How can you come to the place of a deep forgiveness of an energetic that truly, deeply loves? How can you incorporate that into your own being? By your breath, by your acknowledgment of your aliveness and the innate nature of that love as being an intrinsic part of your being.

So, the exercise in “Let Yourself Go,” is very nice, it's a great way of accessing this regularly and dismantling the thought form that says those emotions are in and of themselves that should be avoided. This is the greatest difficulty most people encounter in various ways of dissolving karma. They begin to think that somehow that which initiated it to their experience, the emotion, is bad and is to be avoided. We see this in so many places, in so many different forms of psychological or psycho-spiritual work, even if what is in termed “The Work” by Byron Katie. Those who do this regularly begin to see the emotion itself to be something avoided.

This is not true. It is a transformative process but on planet earth emotion is present. It is a powerful factor at generating all the situations and the energies which over and over lead to cause and effect. In its boldest and most powerful way on your news you see the war, the invasion of Gaza, the deconstruction of a jetliner, all of these aspects are a direct consequence of fear, of anger, of resentment, of revenge and all of the different energies so clearly associated with the karma, meaning the cause and the effect of these things which have been going for in some cases millennia, but most importantly in the lifetimes of those individuals.

So, you find by this new path that the emotions cannot be avoided, they are not to be in some way repressed or avoided in their understanding, but they are to be fully felt and then fully released. Because one recognizes that your relationship to those emotions has transformed. This is the great shift in the understanding of how the dissolving of karma works. It is difficult to experience. It is easy to explain and to say your relationship to this has shifted. So what? In terms of your own personal understanding of this, it's as if the emotions are still present but far stronger, far more relevant is the acceptance or/and the forgiveness and/or the various ways of love with which you relate now to that situation, to that cause, to that effect to that bringing it over and over into existence.

Ultimately, what this gives rise to in yourself is something simple and personal. You are already aware of this. That is simply the opportunity to magnify the love that is within you and give it away. Be it looking deeply into someone else's eyes, be it addressing an audience, be it writing it in a book, be it creating the musical movement or any other artistic form that you choose that gives rise to this energy. That says then, with all the power of your being, holding nothing back you are pouring the energy strong enough to dissolve karma and that energy says, "I love, I love you, I love this planet, I love this energy." But, ultimately in the focusing on an object, the step toward doing- ness inevitably arises and really at its core it's simply, I love.

All of this is a reminder to you of the right questions to ask when it comes to these issues and inevitably from this discussion you can find many answers to this. For instance, it is very clear from what we've stated how flexible karma is. How that which might've seen as something you simply couldn't avoid, how the karmic consequences of this or that would inevitably be thrown here or there or upon you, no, not at all. Indeed the ability to understand and work with it all of this gives rise to many, many other possibilities and many other choices and many ways of using your imagination, your love, your compassion, playfulness, to literally change the very nature of karma as you perceive it and work with it in your life and the lives of those around you.

Radical Release is one helpful tool in working with powerful emotions. Arjuna explains this emotional process so well: